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28.8.2 SunOS 5.X /etc/default/login

This file specifies login policy. A typical file might contain:

HZ=100 #
TIMEZONE=EST5EDT # set the timezone variable for the shell
#ULIMIT=0 # set the file size limit for the shell, 0 -> no limit
CONSOLE=/dev/console # root can only login on this device
PASSREQ=YES # Null passwords are not allowed
ALTSHELL=YES # set the shell environment variable
SYSLOG=YES # log all root logins and multiple failed attempts
UMASK=022 # set the initial umask

To allow remote root logins comment out the CONSOLE entry. To prevent root logins everywhere, even the console, set the CONSOLE entry to "=/dev/null".

Unix System Administration - 8 AUG 1996
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