Our Mission in Haiti

Andy Long

Every seventh year, a professor at NKU has the option of taking a sabbatical, to recharge the old batteries. Sabbaticals are not just vacations, but rather vehicles for professional development; so I hunted around in the usual places (Fulbrights, etc.), as well as some unusual ones (e.g. Native American Colleges). Somewhere along the line, I recalled a visit from Scott Mandl, Director of Christian Flights International, to the First Presbyterian Church of Ft. Thomas; at that time I remember thinking "It would be interesting to go there and help out sometime." So this became the time! Haiti is replete with environmental problems, and since I have a strong interest in the application of mathematics to the solution of environmental problems, I put 2 and 2 together and got Ranquitte, Haiti.

My academic mission is to produce some materials for young students (e.g. first through third grades) illustrating the application of quantitative methods to the solution of environmental problems. Estimation, data collection and analysis, modeling, and other mathematical and statistical ideas will be emphasized. In addition, I will be a support person to the teachers at College Missionaire de Calhoun et Spaedy, the school supported by Christian Flights International in Ranquitte.

In particular, I want to study

Anna, Thaddeus, and I will live on the six-acre campus, from mid-August until June, 2007. While I'm busy "sabbaticalizing", Anna will be working in the clinic, and Thaddeus will be attending the preschool (no doubt becoming our family expert in Creole -- one of two official languages in Haiti; the other is French). Everyone will stay busy, and happy (we hope!).

In addition, Scott is very excited that there will be some U.S. citizens down there to help with the mission groups coming in at a rate of about one per month. Translation is one role that Anna and I can play; we will also be Scott's eyes and ears down there, to make sure that all runs smoothly.

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