Directions to 495 Rossford Avenue
Ft. Thomas, KY 41075

Use Mapquest, if you prefer!

From the North:

  1. As you drive south on 75 through Cinci and approach the mile 2 exits, get in the left lane and stay there.
  2. You'll follow signs for US50 east and 71N. You exit I-75 on the left, watch the next (quick) left exit go by, then take the second left.
  3. You will be on US50 east. Stay in the second lane from the left, and keep an eye out for the I-471 signs.
  4. You'll exit right onto I-471, which is onto a bridge over the Ohio river.
  5. Take exit 4 (Memorial Parkway). Turn left at the light, and proceed straight through the next two lights.

    Here's a map of things so far:

  6. You drive about a mile along Memorial Parkway, until you hit the next light: turn left onto Clover Ridge.
  7. Proceed up the hill to the stop sign. Proceed through the intersection, and turn left onto Capri (only a few yards beyond the stop).
  8. Capri is a short street, ending in a stop sign at Rossford Avenue.
  9. Take a "left" onto Rossford (you actually proceed straight ahead because of the angle at which Capri intersects Rossford).
  10. Over the rise, and down the hill, bending to the left. We're on the right. There's a utility pole and street lamp in our front yard.


From the South:

You can either take I-75 to US50 east, then follow the directions above; or you can take I-275 to I-471, and then take exit 4, Memorial Parkway, following the directions above.

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