Thad's home page

My name is Thaddeus Tchein Long. I share my first name with my Uncle Thad, and my second name is the name usually given to the second son of a woman from the Bikoutchabe' quarter of Bassar, Togo (my mom's home town). Tchapo is the name of the first-born son, which explains my brother's name!
<-- My birth photo from the hospital, when just a wee sprout.

I was born on November 2nd, 2001, at 10:04 EST, weighing 7 pounds, 13 ounces, and 21 inches long.

--> Here's a picture taken near my third birthday.

I made the Sentinel Tribune with the photo at left (12/24/04). We were digging out Grama's place when Sentinal Tribune photographer J. D. Pooley came by. Thanks for the photo, J. D.!

Friend of the family (and artist) Stacey Davidson created my colors .

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