Cline Family Reunions

  1. Bend, Oregon
  2. Bowling Green--Fred & the Fox Caper--only Rick of their family came
  3. Nolands in Maryland
  4. Nolands in Maryland
  5. St. Louis--Mom in bad shape; Dad died Feb. 28 and Mom on Nov. 19
  6. Nolands in Maryland
  7. Nolands in San Diego Sherry & Gary's wedding in Abingdon--December
  8. Ozarks at Jake's--Vern, Lila, Sara, Al joined us
  9. Hotchkiss, Colo--Aunt Vera, Aunt Berniece, Vern, Lila and grandchildren
  10. Pat & Rick Morozink's wedding in Abingdon, reception in Chicago; Bruce and Debby's wedding in Phoenix in December
  11. Gammons in St. Louis, over 20 there
  12. Tom & Nancy Gammon's wedding in St. Louis in April; Nolands in San Diego--Elyse and Jeff married in Aug., reception at home
  13. Sam & Jo married, we joined them for honeymoon in Hawaii in Feb.; Rick & Mary Cline married in Galesburg Aug. 15, to St. Louis for a few days
  14. Cruise to Jamaica, Caman Islands, Mexico--9 of us; Nolands in San Diego--Curt & Marlena's wedding in August
  15. To St. George Is. in Feb--Fred & Louise, Ellie & Jack, Diane and Marilyn; Longs in Bowling Green--Kim & Steve's wedding on June 18
  16. Diane, Ellie and I met in San Diego for a few days, to Palm Springs, etc.; Virginia at Sam & Jo's--Tyler was a baby; Oct. to Lois & Floyd's--Aunt Berniece, Aunt Vera, Lila
  17. Feb. Ellie, Jack Diane & I to cruise from LA to Acapulco; Gammons in St. Louis--July/Aug.
  18. Lila's in Boulder; To Sam & Jo's in Indianapolis for Thanksgiving--got the flu!
  19. Celebrated Aunt Berniece's 80th birthday in May; To Williams Bay, Wisconsin
  20. San Diego & to Nancy & Dudley Michael's wedding Jan. 23; Gammons in St. Louis in July
  21. Brown Co., Indiana Andy & Anna just back from Togo; Andy & Anna married in Puerto Rico on Oct. 31
  22. Longs in BG -- Mark and Mindy's wedding
  23. March--originals to Sam & Jo's & on to Williamsburg; Brown County in July
  24. Premier Cruise/Disney World--Ellie, Jack, Diane, Cliff, Marilyn, Sam and Jo; Brown County in July--37 there
  25. Jan. in Indianapolis--originals all at Sam & Jo's; Colorado Springs--July
  26. Feb. in Indianapolis--originals all at Sam & Jo's; All here for Thad & Debbie's rehearsal dinner, wedding (August 6) & days after
  27. Feb. in Indianapolis; To Brown Co. in July-- Cliff just had his halo off and we went late, right after he had his first chemotherapy. Diane flew into Indianpolis and then drove Sam's car to BG as she feared we wouldn't make it to the reunion. Bruce and family stopped in to see us on their way to Brown Co.
  28. Feb. in Indianapolis; To Custer, S. D. to stay at Presidential. Thad, Debbie, Mindy, Alexis, Jack, Cliff & I flew to Rapid City. Steve's family drove and made many stops along the way, visited the Gammons in their new home, met up with Rick's family at Yellowstone. Andy, Anna & Tchapo were in Togo so missed our reunion.
  29. French Lick, IN
  30. Galesburg, IL
  31. Wilstem near Paoli, IN
  32. Syracuse, IN
  33. Syracuse, IN
  34. Syracuse, IN
  35. Custer, SD
  36. Syracuse, IN

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