Happy Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Day 2006!

Dear Friends and Family,

Last year we had to issue a Happy Groundhog's Day newsletter, but have just successfully accomplished resolution #1 of the new year by celebrating MLK Jr.'s day with this year's version.

The family unit engaged in and enjoyed several activities last year, including a spring break visit to Chicago, Oshkosh, and Ripon to visit old friends; a church mission trip to West Virginia; and a family reunion in Syracuse, Indiana. It's marvelous to be with family and old friends, and nice to make new friends too.

Tchapo is still a student at NKU, and has decided that nursing is his call. He worked this summer mowing lawns and working for a new landscaping operation in town (specializing in retaining walls). He's now working in the kitchen at The Barrington of Fort Thomas, an assisted-living facility associated with the nursing home at which Anna works. Tchapo still likes rapping his soul out. He's now seeing Abby, a junior Social Work major at NKU.

Thaddeus hasn't had a bad year yet. He's active, energetic, fun-loving, bright, and generally a joy to his famly, and his parents especially. He started Montessori school this year and had enjoyed that; when he comes home he often wants to "study", following the lead of his uncle Kpandja. Thad played a variant of soccer this summer, and is now engaged in a variant of basketball. Thad likes to ride his bike, play with trains, go on errands, and cuddle.

Kpandja worked hard and earned a Dean's scholarship this year. He's done very well over his four years at NKU, and is graduating in May with a Biology degree. He's applied to Masters and PhD programs in Public Health, and is anxiously checking the mailbox of late.

Anna continues to be one of the most positive aspects of Highlands Nursing Home. She's very popular with her patients and their families. She is staying busy as coordinator of Thaddeus's busy social calendar (including being active in the Mom's Club of Ft. Thomas), but likes to exercise at NKU's health center when she gets a chance.

Andy is now tenured at NKU, and ready for a sabbatical. In addition to the trips with the family last year, he enjoyed a trip to Harvey Mudd College in California last summer, which gave him a chance to relive his Caltech days with a hiking trip into the San Gabriel mountains. He, Anna, and Thaddeus are scheduled to go to Ranquitte, Haiti for 10 months in August. He'll be working with an organization called Christian Flights International, which runs a school in Ranquitte (a small mountain town).

The greatest thing about last year for Andy was the opportunity to serve as a bone marrow donor, in May. Andy has heard (anonymously) from his patient that all was well as of day 50: the cells had engrafted, and were working (although the anti-rejection regimen was tough). He sent a card recently, and awaits further word. At one year, the two can meet if they both with (and it appears that they do). Quite exciting!

Andy's looking forward to the National math meetings in San Antonio this month, and a trip to the bottom of the Grand Canyon over Spring Break.

We're looking forward to several trips this year, including a trip to Togo in May, with pal Craig Haas; We're thankful for our health, for our friends and family, and for the good fortune to live in a country in which we are free to disagree strenuously with our government whenever it behaves foolishly -- at least for the moment. Andy's not surprised that the current regime is trying to change all that. If Andy should go missing one of these days, please look for him first in Guantanamo Bay.

Have a joyous and healing 2005. Give us a call! Three-year olds are standing by.... Pay us a visit if you're ever in the neighborhood: there's plenty of fun stuff to do in the Cincinnati area -- come on down/up/over/whatever.