Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from the Kentuckians! This year has been an interesting one for our family. In August Andy wrapped up his post-doc in Michigan and began his new job as an assistant professor in the math department at Northern Kentucky University. Tchapo helped convince us that a move to Ft. Thomas, Kentucky, would be wisest from a high school perspective, and it seems that he was right: Tchapo quickly adjusted to Highlands High School, and now fits right in. This active freshman will be fifteen in just a few days, and his mind is already on the automobile (and his chance to take over full control), when it's not on the ``ladybird'' members of his class. His soccer season is over, and was successful in many ways (but especially because he was injury free!). Tchapo's now playing freshman basketball. It has been fun for us to watch him play his games.

Andy is enjoying teaching at NKU, although he just wrapped up a busy two weeks writing and giving finals, and a grumpy week grading them afterwards. He is all done with that now, and so can relax and enjoy the holiday.

I haven't started working yet, but will soon after the New Year. I'm keeping busy by going to Aerobics, house-hunting, and getting used to life here in Kentucky.

Love to you for the holidays, and happy new year!

Love, Anna, Andy, and Tchapo

Mon Jan 6 22:52:28 EST 2003