James "Duke" Sehnert

Sehnert-Pugh Endowment (formerly A. Henry Pugh Math Scholarship) In 1980, the late A. Henry Pugh established a trust fund for NKU's Department of Mathematics and Computer Sciences. Using the interest from his generous gift, the department instituted a program of scholarships for outstanding students in mathematics and computer science. Each year the faculty selects several students to receive these awards. The Department of Mathematic and Computer Science voted overwhelmingly that the name of the fund be changed to Sehnert-Pugh Endowment Fund to honor the generosity of Professor Sehnert, while continuing to recall the important early generosity of Mr. Pugh. Professor Sehnert, a professor of mathematics at NKU for 28 years, passed away in September 1999. He bequeathed his estate to the Pugh Fund in NKU's Department of Mathematics through the NKU Foundation.

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