Venn Diagram Applet

How many Venn diagrams can be formed using two sets within a universe S? Are they all exhibited below?

  1. S
  2. $\phi$
  3. A
  4. B
  5. Ac
  6. Bc
  7. A $\cap$ B
  8. Ac $\cap$ B
  9. A $\cap$ Bc
  10. Ac $\cap$ Bc
  11. A $\cup$ B
  12. Ac $\cup$ B
  13. A $\cup$ Bc
  14. Ac $\cup$ Bc
  15. (A $\cap$ B) $\cup$ (Ac $\cap$ Bc)
  16. (Ac $\cap$ B) $\cup$ (A $\cap$ Bc)
Venn Diagram


In this applet, A and B are subsets of a universal set S. The list above gives the 16 different subsets of S that can be constructed from A and B using the basic set operations of union ($\cup$), intersection ($\cap$), and complement ($^c$). The selected subset is colored red in the Venn diagram on the right.

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