Papers and Presentations for MAT194

This page features tips for your presentation.

First of all, this is your story; this is autobiographical, providing in particular your answers to three important questions:

You will also shine a spotlight on at least one interesting piece of mathematics as part of your presentation, relevant to your future plans or to your past experiences.

Here are some specific thoughts, perhaps some "sections" of your presentation:

  1. How did math impact your early childhood or youth? What's your story? Perhaps you came to mathematics later in life....

  2. Think back to those who helped develop your interest in mathematics -- maybe one specific person. Were they a mentor to you? Were you admiring them from afar (e.g. Bill Nye the Science Guy) or was this someone who helped you directly and personally?

    Specifically I encourage you to put a "spotlight" on someone (someone you've known personally, or historically) who has inspired you, embedded in your presentation. Mention them by name, and include a snippet about their influence. It gives your presentation a personal touch, and honors them!

  3. What were some of the primary lessons that you learned across your education -- in particular, your mathematical education?

  4. How have your career interests developed along with your mathematical interests?

Stories are always good! If you have some to share, that generally enhances a project.

Pictures (and other graphics) will also enhance your presentation: remember that this is destined for the web, and you'll want to make it visually appealing.

Mathematics: You are to include a focus on (at least) one interesting piece of mathematics in your presentation. Perhaps that's something in a current course, but it might also be that first thing that inspired you to think that you might like doing mathematics with your life and career.

Presumably this mathematics was the focus of your paper for this course, which you can link back to from your presentation. But it could be something else, perhaps a project that you worked on as a young student, etc.

It's time for you to tell your own story! Over the course of the semester others will tell their story -- now it's your turn!

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