Mathematics Pronunciation Guide

A Megametamathematical Guide

of the

Proper American English Pronunciation of Words and Names

for the

 for the Diacritically Challenged, 

        This guide includes most  mathematicians and mathematical terms that are encountered in high school and college.  Pronunciations of proper names are generally given as pronounced as in the original language.
        Some entries are obscure and may  be useful only in a game of mathematical trivia, e. g. d'Alembert's mother, the name of the line in a fraction, or the man who shot Galois.  I have not  included most definitions or accomplishments.  The curious person may try searching the internet for such information. 
       Dates include B.C. or A.D. only if the choice is not obvious from the context.
         The Guide is not complete, I am adding more pronunciations and entries as time permits.

         (The red dates and purple pronunciations are not links.)
        Please let me know about any errors.    Comments and suggestions welcomed.  Any help with missing dates and pronunciations will also be welcomed.

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abacist          'ab uh sist

abacus         'ab uh kuhss
     abaci       'ab uh sigh         or         abacuses       'ab uh kuhss uhs

abbacus         'ab uh kuhss

Edwin A. Abbot         1838-1926        'ed wuhn  'ab uht

Niels Henrik Abel     1802-29     nils (not nilz) 'hen rik  'ah buhl  (roll the r) 

Abelian          uh 'beel yuhn

abscissa         ab 'sis suh

absolute         'ab suh loot

abundant          uh 'buhn duhnt

acceleration         ak 'sil uh 'ray shun

Achilles          uh 'ki leez

W. Ackerman        ? ak uhr muhn

Acta Mathematica         'ahk tah    maht he mah 'tee kah

Acta Eruditorum         'ahk tah    ay roo dee 'toh rum

acute         uh 'kyoot

John Couch Adams        1819-1892         jahn  kowch   ad uhmz

John Quincy Adams        1767-1848         jahn  'kwint see   ad uhmz

add       ad

addend        'a dend

addition       uh 'di shuhn

additive        'ad uh tiv

ad infinitum       ad in fuh 'night uhm      Latin:  ahd ihn fee 'nee tum

adjacent        uh 'jay suhnt

Leonard Adleman        fl. 1977

Alfred Adler        ? 'al fred 'ahd luhr

Ad locus planos et solidos isagoge      (Fermat)     ahd  'loh kuhs  'plahn ohs  et
                                          'soh lih duhs  ihs ah 'goh ge

affine        a 'fyn

a fortiori        ah  for tee 'oh ree

Maria Gaetana Agnesi       1718-99        'mah ree ah  ,gah ay 'tah nah
                                                                                  an 'yay zee
aha        (noun)            ah 'hah

Ahmes     seventeenth century  B.C.      'ah mess     or    'ah meez
     Ahmes Papyrus        'ah mess   puh 'py ruhs

Howard Hathaway Aiken       1906-0973     'how uhrd   'hath uh way   'ay kin '

George Biddle Airy       1801-92     jorj  'bihd (uh)l   'a(uh)r ee

Alabama        al uh 'bam uh

Leone Battista Alberti       1404-72     lay 'ohn nay   bah 'tees tah   'ahl ber tee

al-Biruni        973-1048    ,al  bee 'roo nee
        (Abu ar-Rayhan Muhammed ibn Ahmad al-Biruni)

Alcuin of York        fl.c775         'al kwin  yohrk

Jean Le Rond d'Alembert       1717-83     zhahn luh roh(n)dah lah(n) ber

aleph         'ah ,lifaleph null
     aleph null         'ah ,lef  nuhl
     (also aleph naught, aleph nought, aleph zero)
                     ( naht,     naht,    'zee ,roh)

John Alexander       fl. 1928         al eg 'zan duhr

algebra        'al juh bruh

Algebra        (Bombelli)

algebraic        al juh 'bray ik

algebraist           al ju 'bray ist

algorist           'al guh rist

algorithm        'al guh rith uhm

Algorithmi de numero Indorum     (al-Khwarizmi)

aliquant        'al uh kwahnt

aliquot      'al uh kwaht

Al-jabr wa'l muqabalah     (al-Khwarizmi)

al-Kash of Samarkand        fl. 1424

Mohammed ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi      c800-c850        al khwahr 'iz mee
                           (also al-Khowarizime)           (ahl KHoh wah reez me)

allometry        uh 'lahm uh tree

Almagest    (Ptolomy)         'al muh jest

al-Mamun        786-833      al mah 'moon
    (also al-Mamoun)

alpha         'al fuh         alpha = α (lower case) = Α (uppercase)

alphameric           ,al fuh 'mehr ik

alphanumeric           ,al fuh ,nu 'mehr ik

Ralph Alpher          1921-2007         ralf    al fuhr

alysoid         'al uh soyd

amicable            'am uh kuh bel
        amicable numbers           'am uh kuh bel    'nuhm buhrz

André Marie Ampère          1775-1836        ah(n) dray  maw ree  ah(n) 'pair

ampere       'am pir

analysis            uh 'nal us suhs

analytic           ,an uhl 'id ik

analytical engine           ,an uhl 'id ik uhl   'en juhn

Anaxagoras of Clazomenae     ?500-428     an ak 'sag uh ruhs   kluh 'zahm uh nee

Anaximander of Miletus        c610- c545       an 'ak si 'man dur    my 'lee tuhs

George W Eyre Andrews           1938-     jorg        'and rooz

angle        'a[ng] guhl

Anders Jones Ångström      1814-74   'an duhsh  'yoo nahs  'aw[ng] str[oe]m
                                                                        English:    'a[ng] struhm

angstrom              'a[ng] struhm
        (also  Angstrom, ångstrom)

annulus        'an yuh luhss

antecedent        'an tuh ,seed uhnt

antiderivative        ,an ti di ,riv uhd iv

Antikythera            ,an ti ki 'theer uh

antilogarithm       an ti 'lahg uh rith uhm

François Apéry        fl. 1984

aphelion       uh 'feel yun

Petrus Apianus           1501-52         ap i 'ay nuhs     or    ay pi 'ay nuhs
                                                         German:    ah pee 'ah nus
apogee          'ap ah jee

Apollonius of Perga  (also Perge)     c262-c200   a paw 'loh nee uhs   'per guh (perj)

a posteriori        ah  'paw ste ree 'oh ree

apothecary          uh 'pawth uh kair ee

apothem         'ap uh them

Kenneth Appel         1932-

apportion         uh 'pohr shuhn

approval         uh 'proo vuhl

approximate    (adjective)       uh 'prahk suh mit

approximate    (verb)        uh 'prahk suh mayt

approximation        uh ,prahk suh may shuhn

a priori         ,ah pree 'oh ree

Arabic numerals             'air uh bik   'noom ruhls

Domïnique François Jean Arago   1786-1853  daw mee neek  zhahn  ah rah goh
                                                                     English:    'ar uh ,goh

John Arbuthnot        1667-1735        jon   ar 'buth nuht

arc         ahrk

Archimedes of Syracuse       c287-12        ahr ki 'mee deez     'sir uh kyooz

Archimedian          ahr kuh 'mee dee ahn

Archytas of Tarentum        428-365         ahr 'ky tuhs    tuh 'ren tuhm

are   (SI unit)     ayr

area         'ar ee uh

Jean Robert Argand        1768-1822         ahr gah(n)

Adrian Argoli        1570-1675        

Aristarchus of Samos        c310-c250         ar i 'stahr kuhs     'say mahs

Aristotelian          ar ,iss tah ,teel yan

Aristotle        384-22         'ar uh stahtuhl

arithmetic    (noun)         uh 'rith muh ,tik

arithmetic    (adjective)       ,a rith ,med ik

Arithmetica        (Diophantus)

armillary         'ahr muh ,lehr ee

Vladimir Arnold         fl. 1960

array         uh 'ray

Kenneth Arrow         1921-52         air oh

Richard Askey         as kee

Ars Conjectandi        (Jakob Bernoulli)

Ars Magna        (Cardano)
        (Artis magne sive de regulis algebraicis)

Emil Artin        1898-1962        'e mil    'ahr tin

Arya-Bhata (or Aryabhata)  I (the elder)     ?476-550     'ahr yuh 'bhut uh

Arya-Bhata (or Aryabhata)  II      920-c1000     'ahr yuh 'bhut uh

Aschauliche Geometric        (Hilbert and Cohn-Vossen)

astragalus         as 'truhg uh luhs

astragali        as 'truhg uh lye

astroid        'as troyd

asymmetric         ay suh 'me trik

asymptote         'a sim toht

asymptotic        ,a sim 'tah tik

Derek Atkins         fl. 1994         at kinz

Attalus         c269-197          'a tuh luhs

atto-        'a ,toh

attractor         uh 'trak tuhr
     strange attractor        straynj   uh 'trak tuhr

augend           'aw jend

St. Augustine         354-450       saynt   'aw gus teen

average       'av rij

avoirdupois      ,a vuhr duh 'poyz             c.f. Galois

axes    (plural of axis)       'ak seez

axiom         'ak see uhm

axiomatic            'ak see uhm 'a tik

axiomatization            'ak see ,ah muh tuh 'zay shuhn

axis        'ak suhss

Hannah AyscoughMother of Isaac Newton        'as koo


Charles Babbage        1792-1871        'bab aj

Claude Gaspard de Bachet de Méziriac        1591-1639

Paul Gustav Heinrich Bachmann        1837-1920        'powl   'gus ,tahf   'hin reeKH  'bahKH mahn

Ralf Josef Backlund

René-Louis  Baire        1874-1932         ruh nay  lwee   ber

Per Bak         1948-2002         pehr bahk

Henry F. Baker         'bay kuhr

Bakhshali         bahk shah lee

R. Balasubramanian

Michel Balinski

Stefan Banach         1892-1945       'ste fahn   'bah nahKH

Leon Bankoff         1908-1997           bank off

John Banzhaf III        1940-           banz hahf

Peter Barlow            1776-1862            'pee tuhr   'bahr loh

Michael Barnsley

Isaac Barrow         1630-77          'bair oh

Johann Bartels

Francis Beaufort        1774-1857        'fran siss    'boh fuhrt

Florimund de Beaune        1601-52        'floh ree muhnt    de    bohn

Eugenio Beltrami        fl. 1868

Eric Temple Bell        1883-1960        'er ik     'tem pl      bel

Bishop George Berkeley        1685-1753        'bish uhp   jorj   'bahr klee     or    'berk lee

Bernoulli         bur 'noo lee
         Daniel       1700-82
         Jacob (Jacques, James)       1654-1705
         Johann (Johannes, Jean, John)        1667-1748
         Nicolaus       1687-1759

     Bernoulli's law

Felix Bernstein        1878-1956        'fay liks     'bern shtyn

G. G. Berry
     Berry's paradox

Joseph L. F. Bertrand

Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel        1784-1846        'fRee driKH  'vil ,helm   'bess uhl

beta        'bay duh         beta = β (lower case) = Β (uppercase)

Hans Albrecht Bethe        1906-2005        'hahns  'ahl bre[CH]t    'bay tuh

Enrico Bette        1823-1892        ayn 'ree koh    'bay tee

bezant          'bez ent

Pierre Bézier       1910-1999         bez ee ay

Étienne Bézout       1730-83         ay tyen   bay zoh

Bhaskara        1114-c1185         'bhah skur
        (also  Bhaskaracharya)         'bhah skuh rah 'chahr yuh 

Ludwig Georg Elias Moses Bieberbach        1886-1982         'loot viKH    gay 'orKH    ay 'lee ahs   'moh zes   bee bur bahk
     Bieberbach conjecture

bifurcation         by 'fuhr kay shuhn

bilateral          'by lad uh ruhl

Jacques de Billy        1602-1679         zhahk   bee yee

binary         'by nuh ree

Jacque Philippe Marie Binet         1786-1856         zhahk   fee leep   ma ree  ,bee 'ne  (English:  bee 'nay)

binomial        by 'noh mee ahl

George David Birkhoff        1884-1944         jorj   'day vid   'bur  kawf

bit        bit

H. F. Blichfeldt

Manuel Blum

Ludwig Otto Blumenthal        1876-1944            'loot vi[KH]  'o toh   'bloo muhn ,tahl

Johann Elert Bode         1747-1826       'boh de

Niels Henrik David Bohr         1885-1962        bohr

Ludwig Boltzman        1844-1906            'bohlt smahn

Farkas Wolfgang Bólyai       1775-1856         'fahr kahsh   'volf  gahng   'bahl yah ee

János Bólyai        1802-60          'yah nohsh   'bahl yoy

Bernard Bolzano        1781-1848          'ber nahrd    bohlt 'sah noh

Rafael Bombelli         1526-72

Napoleon Bonaparte        'boh nuh part

George Boole        1815-64        bool

Boolean         'boo lee uhn

Jean-Charles de Borda        1733-99

Émile Felix-Édouard-Justin Borel        1871-1956       ay meel   fay leeks   ay dwahr   zh[oe] sta(n)   bo rel
                                                                                                                                                              with o between o in move and o in song

Giovanni Borelli         fl. 1680

K. V. Borodzin

Sandro Bottecelli         1444-1510        'boht tee tshel lee
                                                              English:   bawt ih 'chel ee

Pierre Bouguer         1698-1758            pee ,air   boo gair

Nicolas Bourbaki         1934 -?               boor bah ,kee

Natheniel Bowditch        1773-1838        nuh 'than yuhl   'bow  dich   bow as in cow not know

Rufus Bowen

Werner Boy

Carl B. Boyer

Robert Boyle         1627-91         boyl

bra         brah 

brachistochrone (or brachystochrone)      brah 'kist o krohn

James Bradley        1693-1762

Tycho Brahe        1546-1601       'ty koh   'brah uh         English:  brah

Brahmagupta        598-after665

Henry Briggs        1561-1630

Pierre René Jean Baptiste Henri Brocard        1845-1922       pyer   ruh nay   zhah(n)   bah teest   ah(n) ree   ,braw 'kahr

Louis Victor Pierre Raymond duc de Broglie       1892-1987               lwee    veek tor    pyer   ray mo(n)   d[oe]k   duh ,bRo 'gle'

Lord Brouncker         1620-84

Luitzen Egbertus Jan Brouwer        1881-1966       'brow uhr

N. G. de Bruijn

V. Brun

Geodarno H. Bruno         1548-1600         'broo noh

brute         broot

Georges Louis Leclerc, comte de Buffon         1707-88       zhawrzh loo ee luh klar
                                                  koh(n)t duh b[ue](n) 'foh(n)

Ugo Buoncompagni

Joost (Jobst) Bürgi        1552-1632      yohst (yohpst)  'b[ue]r gee
                                                        English:     'buhr gee

busy beaver         'biz ee 'bee vuhr

Johannes Buteo  (Jean Borrel)       c1492-c1568

Augusta Ada Byron Countess of Lovelace        1815-52

byte          bight


Florian Cajori       1859-1930        'floh reh ahn   kah 'yoh ree

Calcul des Probabilities        (Bertrand)

the calculus        'kal kyuh luhss

Chris K. Caldwell

calliope (the musical instrument)      'cal ee ,ohp

Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philip Cantor       1845-1918        'gay orKH   fer dih 'nahnt   'loot viKH     feh 'lyeep  'kahn tawr

cap         kap

Girolamo Cardano (or Cardan)       1501-76        ja 'ro lam ,oh   kahr 'dah noh
        (Jerome Cardan, Hieronymus Cardanus)

cardinal        'kahrd nuhl

cardinality          ,kar duhn 'al ih tee

cardioid       'kahr dee oid

Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas Caritat,  Marquis de Condorcet     1743-94     ma ree shahn   a(n) twan   nee ka  lah  de  ka ree ta   kohn dohr se 

Lazare Nicolas Marguérite Carnot        1753-1823        ,lah 'zahr   nee kaw lo   ,mahr ,guh 'reet   cahr 'noh

Sadi Nicolas Léonard Carnot                sa dee   nee kaw lo   lay aw nahr  ,kahr 'noh

Lewis Carroll       1856-98        'loo iss   'kar uhl

Elie Joseph Cartan       1869-1951        ay 'lee   zho 'zef   kar 'ta(n)

Henri Cartan       1904-2008        ah(n) ree   kar 'ta(n)

Cartesian        kahr 'tee zhuhn

Laurent Cassegrain        c1629-1693        law rah(n)   kahs gra(n)

Giovanni Domenico Cassini        1625-1712        joh 'vahn nee   doh 'may nee ,koh   ku 'see nee

catastrophe       kuh 'tass troh fee

category        'kad uh ,gawr ee

catenary        'katn ,ehr ee

Augustin-Louis Cauchy       1789-1857        coh shee

Bonaventura Francesco Cavalieri       1598-1647        ,kav uh 'lyer ee

Henry Cavendish        1731-1810         'hen ree   'kav uhn ,dish

Arthur Cayley        1821-95        'kay lee

Eduard Cech        1893-1960          'ed u ahrt  'che[KH]

Anders Celsius        'sel see uhss

centi-        'sen  tih

centillion          sen 'til yuhn

Ernesto Cesaro        1859-1906         er 'nes toh    chay 'zah roh

Loudolph van Ceulen          1540-1610       loo dolf  vahn   'k[oe] len

Giovanni Ceva        1647-1734        joh 'vahn nee   'chev ah

chainette         'chay net

Gregory Chaitin     1947-

chaos        'kay ahss

Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles        1746-1823          shahr

C. V. I. Charlier         fl. 1908

Chartres      'shahr  tr(uh)

Emile du Chatelet         1706-49

R. Chen

chi         ky         chi = χ (lower case) = Χ (uppercase)

Chia chang suan-shu

Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni        1756-1827          ernst   'floh rens   'free dri[KH]   'klahd ni

chooser          'choo ,zer

chord       kohrd

Chou pei suan ching

E. B. Christoffel        kris 'toh ful

Jakob Christmann        1554-1613        yah 'kawp   'kRist man


David & Gregory Chudnovsky

Nicolas Chuquet        1445-1488        'nee ko 'lah   shu 'kay

Chu Shih-chieh       c1280-1303

cipher         'sy fuhr

circle        'sur kuhl

circuit        'sur kit

circumcenter          'suhr kuhm ,sen tuhr

circumference         suhr 'kuhm fuh renss

circumscribe          'suhr kuhm ,skryb

cissoid        'siss oyd

Alexis Calude Clairaut       1713-65       kluh 'Roh

Rudolf Julius Emmanuel Clausius        1822-88         'roo dolf    'yoo lee us  ih 'ma noo el   'klow zee uss

Christopher Clavius        1538-1612             'kla vee us

Rudolf Clebsch

clepsydra          'klep suh druh

William Kingdon Clifford        1845-79

clique        kleek   or  klik

coalition        koh uh 'lish uhn

cochleoid           'kahk lee ,oyd

coefficient         koh uh 'fish uhnt

Cogitata Physico-Mathematica    (Mersenne)

H. Cohen

Paul Cohen        1934-2007

Frank Nelson Cole

collapsible compass        kuhl 'lap suh buhl  'kuhm puhss

collegium        kuh 'leej ee uhm    Latin:  koh 'leg ee uhm

combinatorial          ,kahm buh nuh 'tohr ee uhl

compass           'kuhm puhss

compasses         (a singular word)           'kuhm puhs ez

Comptes Rendus

concentric        kuhn 'sen trik

conchoid         'kah[ng] koyd

Marie Jean Antoine Nicolas Caritat,  Marquis de Condorcet     1743-94     ma ree shahn   a(n) twan   nee ka  lah  de  ka ree ta   kohn dohr se 

cone        kohn

confounding         kuhn 'fownd i[ng]

congruence            'kuhn ,groo uhns

conic        'kahn ik

conical          'kahn ih kuhl

conjecture          kuhn ,jek chur

conjugate          'kahn juh guht


contiguity          'cahn tuh 'gyoo uh tee

continued          kuhn 'tin yood
        continued fraction        kuhn 'tin yood  'frak shuhn

continuous          kuhn 'tin yoo uhss

continuum        kuhn 'tin yoo uhm   or   kuhn 'tin yuh wuhm
     continuum hypothesis        kuhn 'tin yoo uhm   hy 'pahth uh siss

John Horton Conway

Stephen Cook

coordinate    (noun)         koh 'ord uh nuht

Copernican        koh 'pur ni kan

Nicolaus Copernicus (Latinized)       1473-1543         'nee koh lous    koh 'pur ni kuhss
        (Mikolaj Kopernik) (Polish)      mee 'kawl ,eye   kaw 'per neek 

Marie-Alfred Cornu          1841-1902         mah ree   ahl fred   kawr n[ue]

cos         'koh syn

cosa         'koh suh

cosecant       'koh ,see kant

cosh         ,hy per ,bahl ik   'koh syn

cosine         'koh syn

Cotes        1682-1716

Charles Coulomb        1736-1806
        Coulomb's Law

countable          'kownt uh buhl

counterexample         'kownt uhr  egs 'am puhl

Harold Scott MacDonald (Donald) Coxeter        1907-1956        'kahk se tuhr

coyote        'ky oht

Gabriel Cramer           1704-52        'gahb ree ,uhl   'krahm uhr

                                                                              English:  'kray muhr

August Crelle           1780-1855        'kRel uh

critical          'krid uh kuhl

cross-cap          'krawss kap

cross product         krawss   'prah duhkt

crore          krawr

csc         cosecant

csch          hyperbolic cosecant

cube        kyoob

cubic          'kyoo bik

cubit           'kyoo bit

e. e. cummings

cuneiform         'kyoo nee uh ,form

cup          kuhp

curl         kerl

curtate          'kuhr tayt

curvature          'kuhr vuh chuhr

curve          kuhrv

cusp          kuhsp

cycloid       'sy ,kloyd

cylinder       'sil uhn duhr

Baron Clément Cyriaque de Mangin        1580-1643             ba ro(n)   klay mah(n)    ,see ,ree 'ahk   duh   ,mahn 'zhah(n)


Karl Dahlke

Jean Le Rond d'Alembert        1717-83        dah lah(n) 'behr

Germinal Pierre Dandelin        1794-1847        ,zher ,mi 'nal    pyer   ,do(n)d 'la(n)

George Bernard Dantzig       1914-

Jean Gaston Darboux         1842-1917         zhan   ga to(n)   dar  boo

Charles Davies        1798-1876         chahrlz   'day veez

Leonardo da Vinci        dah 'veen chee

deadhead   (not about the Grateful Dead)

De analysi      (Newton)

Louis de Branges

Louis Victor de Broglie       1892-1987

N. G. de Bruijn

deca-          'dek uh

decagon         'dek uh gahn

decahedron        'dek uh 'hee druhn

deci-          'dess ih

decimal         'des muhl

decreasing        di 'kreess i[ng]

Julius Wilhelm Richard Dedekind        1831-1916        'day du kint

De Divina Proportione      (Pacioli & da Vinci)

deficient         di 'fi shunt

definite         'def uh nit

definition          def uh 'nish uhn

degenerate         di 'gen uh ruht

degree          di 'gree

Johannes de Groot        1914-72      yoh 'hahn ess   de  groot

del        del         Ñ

Jean Baptiste Delambre        1749-1882      zho(n)   'ba teest    duh lo(n) bruh

Scipione del Ferro          1465-1526         shee 'pyoh nay   dayl   'fehr roh

delta        'del tuh         delta = δ (lower case) = Δ (uppercase)

deltoid           'del ,toyd

De Mensura Sortis     (de Moivre)

Antoine Gombaud, Chevalier de Méré      fl. 1654      an twahn    gohm bawd    shuh 'val "yay   de  may ray

De methodis fluxionum    (Newton)

Democritus       c 470-c 357     dee 'mok ri tus

Abraham de Moivre     1667-1754       duh 'mwah vruh

Augustus de Morgan        1806-71        duh 'mawr guhn

denominator        di 'nahm uh nayd uhr

dense         denss

dependent          di 'pen duhnt

depressed        di 'prest

deramgement         di 'raynj muht

De Revolutionibus Orbium Caelestium      (Copernicus)

derivative         duh 'riv uh div

Gérard Desargues        1593-1662        zhay 'rar   day 'zaRg

René Descartes        1596-1650         ren 'ay  day kahRt

Descriptio     (Napier)

descriptive         di 'skrip tiv

De Stella Nova      (Kepler)

Chevalier Destouches d'Alembert's father

Robert Devaney

deviation          'dee vee ay shuhn


Persi Diaconis

diameter          dy 'am uh duhr

Leonard Eugene Dickson         1874-1954

dictator          'dik tay tuhr

Denis Diderot        1713-84       duh nee   dee der 'oh

Princess Dido          'dee doh
     Dido's problem

differential         ,dif uh 'ren chuhl
     differential calculus

differentiate         ,dif uh 'ren chee ayt

digamma        dye 'gahm uh

digraph         'dy graf

dimension         duh 'men shuhn   or  dy 'men shuhn

diminisher         duh 'mi ni shuhr

Diophantine         dy uh 'fan tin

Diophantus of Alexandria    third century    dy oh 'fan tuhss   al eg 'zan dree uh

G. A. Dirac

Paul Adrian Maurice Dirac           1902-84        di rak

directrix          duh 'rek triks

Johann Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet     1805-59     'yoh hahn  'pay tuhr  'goos tahf  luh 'zhuhn  dee ree 'klay

            This is the German pronunciation which he probably used since he grew up in Germany.  However the name is of French origin and is sometimes pronounced  dee ree 'shlay.


discontinuity         dis ,kahnt uh 'noo uhd ee

discontinuous         dis kuhn 'tin yoo uhss

discrete          di 'skreet

discriminant          di 'skrim uh nuhnt

La Disme     (Stevin)

Disquisitiones Arithmeticae     (Gauss)

divergence        duh 'vuhr juhnss

divergent        duh 'vuhr jent

divider        duh 'vy duhr

David DiVincenzo

Jean Dixon effect         jeen 'dik suhn   i 'fekt

dodecagon          doh 'dek uh gahn

dodecahedron         doh ,dek uh 'hee druhn

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson        1832-98         chahrlz   'luht wij   'dahj suhn

domain          doh 'mayn

Giovanni de' Dondi        1318-89        joh 'vahn nee   dah   'don dee

Christian Johann Doppler        1803-53         'dohp lur
        Doppler effect          'dahp luhr   i 'fekt

Adrien Douady

Ding-Zhu Du

Duality Principle

Lester Dubins

Harvey Dubner

ducat          'duhk uht

Whitfield Duffie

dummy         'duh mee

duodecillion          ,doo oh di 'sil yuhn

Albrecht Dürer        1471-1528       'ahl breKHt  'd[ue]RuhR
                      English:   'dur uhr  or  'dyur uhr

dynamics         dy 'nam iks


e         ee

eccentricity           ,ek sen 'tris uhd ee

echelon         'esh uh ,lon

ecliptic         i 'klip tik

Arthur Stanley Eddington         1882-1944

Brother Edvin        fl. 1240

e. g.         exempli gratia     means  for example   cf.  i. e.

Albert Einstein        1879-1955             'iyn shtyn

Max Eisenstein

Elements         (Euclid)

ellipse        ih 'lips

ellipsis         ih 'lip siss

ellipsoid        ih 'lip soyd

elliptic          ih 'lip tik


ENIAC        1946-55    'ee nee ak

Enigma        ih 'nig muh

entropy         'en truh pee


Enumeratio linearum tertil ordinis        (Newton)

epicycle          'e puh ,sy kuhl

Epimenides       fl. c500 B.C.          ep ih 'men ih deez

epitrochoid          ep uh 'troh ,koid

epsilon       'ep suh ,lahn         epsilon = ε (lower case) = Ε (uppercase)

equal           'ee kwuhl

equation          ih 'kway zhuhn

equiangular          ,ee kwuh 'ang ,yoo luhr

equidistant          ,ee kwuh 'dis tuhnt

equilateral          ,ee kwuh ,lad uh ruhl

Eratosthenes of Cyrene     c276-c194    ,er uh 'tahs thuh neez  sy 'ree nee

Paul Erdős       1913-97        powl 'ayr d[ue]sh             English;   'ayr dish
     Erdős number         'ayr dish   'nuhm buhr

Erlangen Program         air 'la[ng] en  'proh ,gram


Maurits Cornelis Escher    1898-1972    'mow rits  kawr 'nah luhs  'es KHuhr
                                                                                        English:  'esh uhr
T. Estermann

eta         'ay duh         eta = η (lower case) = Η (uppercase)

Etruscan Venus         ee 'truhs kuhn         'vee nuhss

Euclidean          yoo 'klid ee yuhn

Euclid of Alexandria      ?330-275      Here's looking at  yoo klid
                                              al eg 'zan dree uh

Euclid of Megara        ?450-374       yoo klid    'meg uh ruh

Eudemus of Rhodes         fl. c320 B.C.        'yoo duh muhs   rohdz

Eudoxis of Cnidus        408-355         yoo'dahk suhs    'ny duhs

Leonard Euler       1707-83      'oy ler        rhymes with toiler

Euler-Mascheroni constant       'oy ler  mahs ke 'roh nee

Euler's number         'oy lerz   'nuhm buhr

evolute          'ev uh loot

exa-          'eks uh

excluded middle         eks 'klood uhd   'mi dl

exclusion principle        eks 'kloo zhuhn   'print suh puhl

exhaustions          ig 'zaws chuns
     method of exaustions        'me thuhd  uhv  ig 'zaws chuns

exponent         'ek ,spoh nuhnt

exponential         ,ek spuh 'nen chuhl

exterior          ek 'stir ee uhr

extraneous          ek 'strayn ee uhss

extrema          ek 'stree muh

extreme          ek 'streem

extremum          ek 'streem uhm


factor          'fak tuhr

factorial          fak 'tohr ee uhl

Giovanni Francesco Fagnano dei Toschi   1715-97    joh 'vah nee   fran 'chays koh  fah 'nyah noh  deh 'tohs kee

Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit   1686-1736  'gahb ree el  'dahn yel  'fah ruhn hyt
                                                                        English:  'far uhn ,hyt
fair game          fair gaym

Michael Faraday         1791-1867        'my kuhl  'far uh ,day

Farey          'far ee
     Farey sequence         'far ee    ,see kwuhns

Pierre Fatou          fah 'too

Gustav Theodor Fechner       1601-65    'gus ,tahf  'tay oh ,dohr  'feKH nuhr

Mitchell J. Feigenbaum
     Feigenbaum's constant

femto-          ,fem toh


Pierre de Fermat         1601-65       fehr 'mah

Lodovico Ferrari        1522-65     ,loo daw 'vee koh    fer 'rah ree

Scipione del Ferro       1465-1526         shee 'pyoh nay   dayl   'fehr roh

Richard Phillip Feynman            1918-88       'fyn man

Fibonacci        c1170-after1240        ,fee buh 'nahch ee
     (also:  Leonardo of Pisa)

finite          'fy nyt

Thomas Finck (Fincke)        1561-1656         'tom uhs   fingk

George Francis FitzGerald       1851-1901   jorj  'fran suhss  fits 'jer uhld

Fleury          fluhr ee

Henry Fliegel

floating point          'flohd i[ng]  poynt

floor function        flohr   'fuh[ng]k shuhn

Flos     (Fibonacci)

fluxions          'fluhk shuhnz
     method of fluxions        'me thuhd  uhv  'fluhk shuhnz

focal          'foh kuhl
        focal point          'foh kuhl  poynt

foci        'foh ,sigh

focus        'foh kuss

folium          'foh lee uhm

formula         'fohr myuh luh

formulae        'fohr myuh lye

Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier      1768-1830         zhah(n)  bah teest  zhoh zef  foo 'Ryay

Marjorie Fox

fractal          'frak tuhl

fraction          'frak shuhn

Michael Freedman

Fredrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege     1848-1625   'fray guh

frequency         'free ,kwuhn see

Augustin Jean Fresnel           1788-1827        fray 'nel

Alexander Friedmann          1888-1925         freed man

friendship problem         'fren ship  ,prahb lem

Gemma Frisius         1505-55

Ferdinand Georg Frobenius         1849-1917        'fer de ,nahnt   gay 'orK   fro 'bay nee uss

                    (English:  fro 'bee nee uhss)

frusta          'fruhs tuh

frustum          'fruhs tuhm

        Plural:  frustums or frusta

function          'fuh[ng]k shuhn

functional          'fuh[ng]k shuhn uhl

funicular         fyoo 'nik yuh luhr

fuzzy          'fuhz ee


Gabriel's horn        'gay bree uhlz   horn

Galilean           gal i 'lay uhn

Galileo Galilei         1564-1642        gal i 'lay oh    gal i 'lay ee

George H. Gallup         1901-84

Évariste Galois        1811-32        gal 'wah    cf. avoidupois

Francis Galton           1822-1911          'gawl tn

game          gaym

gamma         'ga muh         gamma = γ (lower case) = Γ (uppercase)

George Gamow        1906-2005        jorj  'gay mov      Георгий Антонович Гамов

Martin Gardner

James A. GarfieldHad an original proof of the Pythagorean Theorem        1831-81

George Gasper

gauge invariance         gayj  ,in 'vair ee uhnts

Johann Gauss

Johann Karl Friedrich Gauss        1777-1855        'yoh hahn  kahrl  'free driKH   gowss

Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac        1778-1850         gay  l[ue] 'sak

Hans Wilhelm Geiger        1882-1945       'gy ger

gene         jeen

generatrix         ,jen uh ,ray triks

generatrices         ,jen uh ,ray trih seez

Angelo Genocchi        1817-89       'ahn jay loh   'guh nahk ee

Gerhard Gentzen

geoboard          'jee oh ,bohrd

geodesic          jee uh 'des ik

geodesy          jee uh 'des ee

geometric          ,jee uh 'me trik

Géométrie        (Descarte)

geometry          jee 'ahm uh tree

Joseph Diaz Gergonne        1771-1859        ,zho 'zof   dyahz   ,zher 'gawn

Sophie Germain        1776-1831         soh 'fee   zhehR ma(n)

Josiah Willard Gibbs        1839-1903         joh 'sye uh   'wil uhrd   gibz

GIF        jif     (because its creators say so, even though the G is for graphics)

giga-       'gih guh  or  jih guh

glide         glyd

global         'gloh buhl

gnomon         'noh muhn

gnomonic         noh 'mahn ik

Kurt Gödel        1906-78         kurt  'g[oe]d uhl
                Should be something like girdle without the r
                                    English:        'gay duhl

Christian Goldbach        1690-1764         'gohl(d) bahk
               Goldbach Conjecture         'gohl(b) bahk  kuhn ,jek chuhr

golden ratio        'gohl duhn    'ray ,shoh

golden section         'gohl duhn  'sek shuhn

        Value is approximately 1.6180339887498948482045868343656381177203091798057628621354486227052604628189024497072072041893911374

Solomon Golomb

Antoine Gombaud, Chevalier de Méré       fl. 1654      an twahn    gohm bawd    shuh 'val "yay   de  may ray


gon        gahn

googol          'goo gawl

googolplex          'goo gawl ,pleks

Paul Albert Gordan         1837-1912           powl  'o ,bert   'gor dan

Bill Gosper            bil  gah spuhr

Thorold Gosset               1869-1962          'thuhr  uhld   'goss  et

    Gosset polytope                    'goss  et   'pol ih ,tohp    

Willian Sealy Gosset               1876-1937             'goss  et

Benjamin Apthorp Gould        1824-96        'benj uh muhn   'ap ,thawrp   goold

grad         grad

grade          grayd

gradient          'grayd ee uhnt

Ronald Graham

J. P. Gram

graph        graf

Hermann Grassman         'gRahs  mahn

John Graunt        1620-1674        jon   grant

greedy          'gree dee

George Green         1793-1841        green

Isaac Greenwood         1702-45        'eye zak   'green wuhd

James Gregorie         1638-75

Pope Gregory XIII     (Gregorius XIII )  1502-85    pohp  'greg uh ree
                                                                                        (greg 'ohr ee uhs)
John Gregory

Peter Grimm


Jan Cornets de Groot        1554-1640      yahn  de  groot

        Also known as     Johan Hugo de Groot          yoh 'hahn   'hoo KHoh

Johannes de Groot        1914-72      yoh 'hahn ess   de  groot

Hermann Grossman

grosso          'grah soh     (trill the r)

Grundgesestze der Arithmetik     (Frege)

Catherina Gsell

Domenico Guglielmini

Karl Gustav

Francis Guthrie         fl. 1852

gyration          jy 'ray shuhn


Jacques Hadamard        1865-1963          'had uh ,mahr

Wolfgang Haken         1928-

Edmund Halley        1656-1742        'hal ee

Alexander Hamilton         'ham uhl tuhn

Sir William Rowan Hamilton        1805-65          o'wil yuhm   'roh ,an   'ham uhl tuhn

Hamiltonian          'ham uhl 'toh nee uhn

Richard Hamming         1915-

Heiko Harborth

G. H. Hardy         1877-1947

harmonic          hahr 'mahn ik

Thomas Harriot  (Harriott) (Hariot)        1560-1621         'tahm uhs   'har ee uht

Edward Harrison

Felix Hausdorff         'howz dohrf

Oliver Heaviside         1850-1925         'awl uh vuhr   'hev uh sighd

hect-  or  hecto-         hekt  or    'hek tuh

hectare        'hek ,tair

Carl Heiles

Heinrich Edward Heine        1821-81         'hyn ri[KH]   'ay doo ahrt   'hy nuh

Werner Karl Heisenberg         1901-76       'hyzn berg


helical          'hee ,lik uhl

helix          'hee ,liks

Martin Hellman

Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz        1821-94        'her ,muhn   'loot viKH   'fer dee ,nont   fawn   'helm ,hawlts

hemisphere          'he me ,sfir

Michel Hénon         1931-        mee ,shel   ay ,no(n)

Denis Henrion        1580-1643        duh nee    (h)o(n) ree oh(n)

heptagon          'hep tuh gahn

heptakaidecagon         ,hep tuh ky 'dek uh gahn

Pescheux d'Herbinville In duel with Galois       early 1600s         

Charles Hermite         1822-1901        ehr 'meet

Hero of Alexandria         c A.D. 75   'hir oh    al eg 'zan dree uh

Herodotus of Halicarnassus  (Greek: ρόδοτος λικαρνσσεύς)        c.484 - c.425 B.C.   hi 'rahd uh tuhs    ,hal ih kahr 'na sus

Heron  (Hero of Alexandria)        'her awn

William Herschel        1738-1822         'hur  shuhl

Heinrich Rudolph Hertz        1857-94

hexadecimal          hek suh 'des muhl

hexagon          'hek suh gahn

hexahedron          ,hek suh 'hee druhn

David Hilbert         1862-1943        dah vit  'hil buhrt

                                       English:   'day vid

George Hill         1862-1943

Joseph Adna Hill         1860-1938        'joh sef   'ad nuh   hil

Thomas Hill        1818-91        'tom uhs   hil

Hipparchus of Nicaea in Bithynia       190-120     hi 'pahr kuss   ny 'see uh     bih 'thin ee uh

        (Greek:  Ιππαρχος)

Hippasus of Metapontum                 'hip uh suhss    met uh 'pahn tuhm

Hippocrates of Chios        450-400       hip 'ahk ruh ,teez    'ky awss
    not to be confused with Hippocrates of Kos (Latin: Cos)        c.460-c.377         kahss

Philippe de La Hire        1640-1718         fee leep   de  luh  eer

Morris Hirsch

Ernest William Hobson     1856-1933         uhr nuhs   'wil yuhm   'hob suhn

David Hoffman


Douglas Hofstadter

John Holland

Herman Hollerith         1860-1929         'huhr man   'ho luhr ith

Bernt Holmboe

homogeneous        ,hoh muh 'jee nee uhs    

                Do not confuse this with the nonmathematical word homogenous(huh 'mahj jen uhs)

Robert Hooke         1635-1703          'rah bert   huk  (u as in put)

Eberhard Hopf        1902-83          hawpf

Horner's method         'horn erz  'meth uhd

Marquis de l'Hospital         1661-1704         loh pee tal

Chia Hsien         c1050         jee 'ah   shee 'uhnh

hsuan thu

T. C. Hu

John Hubbard

Edwin Hubble         1889-1953

Milton Lasell Humason        1891-1972        'huhm uh son

Edward V. Huntington

John Hutchinson

Aldous Huxley

Christiaan Huygens         1629-95        'kris tyahn  'h[oe]i [KH]uhns   (English: 'hoy guhnz or hy guhnz)

Frank Hwang

Hypatia         370-415          hy 'pay shuh

hyperbola          hy 'puhr buh luh

hyperbolic          ,hy puhr ,bahl ik

hyperboloid          hy 'puhr buh loyd

hypercube          'hy puhr ,kyoob

hyperdimension        'hy puhr duh 'men shuhn   or  'hy puhr dy 'men shuhn

hypoteneuse         hy 'paht n ,ooss


i          igh

Ibn Khaldun

icosahedron          igh ,kah suh 'hee druhn

identity           igh 'den uh dee

i. e.        id est      id est    means "that is"  cf. e. g.

Ikeda map

ill-posed          'il ,pohzd

image          'im ij

imaginary         ih ,maj uh nair ee

implicit          im 'pliss it

improper          ,lm 'prahp uhr

incenter          ,in ,sen tuhr

incommensurable          'in kuh 'mens uh ruh buhl

incompleteness theorem

inconsistent          ,in kuhn 'siss tuhnt

increasing          in 'krees i[ng]


independent          ,in di 'pen duhnt

indeterminate         ,in de 'tuhrm ihn uht

index          'in deks

induction         in 'duhk shuhn

inequality          ,in i 'kwahl uh dee

inertia          in 'er shuh

infinite          'in fin it

infinitesimal         ,in ,fin uh 'tess i muhl

infinity         in 'fin uh dee

integer         'in tuh juhr

integral          'in tuh gruhl

integrate          'int uh grayt

intercept          ,in tuhr ,sept

interior          in ,tir ee uhr

interval         'in tuhr vuhl

Introductio in Analysin Infinitorum    (Euler)

intuitionism          ,in tu 'wi shuh ,ni zuhm

inverse          'in vuhrs

involute          in vuh loot

iota         igh 'oh tuh         iota = ι (lower case) = Ι (uppercase)

irrational          ih 'rash uhn uhl

irreducible          ,ir i 'doo suh buhl

isochrone          'igh suh krohn

isoperimetric         ,igh soh ,pair uh 'me trik

On Isoperimetric Figures     (Zenodorus)

isosceles         igh 'sahss e luhss

iterated         'id uh ,rayd uhd

iteration         ,id uh 'ray shuhn


Karl (Carl) Gustav Jakob Jacobi        1804-51         kahrl   'gus ,tahf   'yah ,kop   yah 'koh bee (English:  juh 'koh bee )

Jacobian          juh 'koh bee uhn

Joseph-Marie Jacquard        1752-1834        zhah 'kahR


Sir James Hopwood Jeans         1877-1946        suhr  jaymz    'hahp wuhd   jeenz

Thomas Jefferson         1743-1826        'jef er suhn


Vaughan F. Jones

Camille Jordan         1838-1922       zhawr 'dah(n)


Gaston Julia         1893-1978       ,gah 'stoh(n)   ,zh[oe]l 'yah

junction          'juh[ng]k shuhn

W. B. Jurkak



Kali Yug (Yuga)           kah lee   yoog  (yoog ah)

kampyle          kam 'pyl

Yasumasa Kanada

Immanuel Kant         1724-1804         ih 'mah noo ,el    kahnt        English:  kant

kappa          'kap uh         kappa = κ (lower case) = Κ (uppercase)

Narendra Karmarkar

Jack Karush

Tosio Kato        1917-1999        toh shee oh    kah toh

Nikolaus Kauffman        1620-87        ,nee koh 'lah us   'kowf mahn

        changed name to  Nicolaus Mercater   ,muhr 'kayt uhr

Kekeya         kay ,kee ah
     Kekeya needle problem     kay ,kee uh  'need uhl  'prahb luhm

Johann Kepler         1571-1630

keratoid          'kehr uh ,toyd

Brian Kernahan

kernel          'kuhrn uhl

John Kerrich

Richard Kershner

ket         ket

L. G. Khachian

Omar Khayam         ?1048-?1131


Mohammed ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi      c800-c850        al khwahr 'iz mee
                           (also al-Khowarizime)           (ahl KHoh wah reez me)

kilo-         'ki luh

kilometer         'ki luh ,mee tuhr

Jerry P. King

Thomas Penyngton Kirkman            1806-95            'tahm uhss   'pen i[ng] tuhn   'kuhrk man

Daniel Kirkwood         1814-

kissing         'kiss i[ng]

        kissing number

Felix Christian Klein          1849-1925        'fay liks   'kris tee ,ahn   kliyn

Morris Kline

B. Knaster


knot          naht

Koch curve          kahKH   kuhrv

Andreï N. Kolmogorov         ,kahl muh 'gah rahf

Königsberg         k[oe]n 'iks buhrg

koppa         'kop puh             

Sofia Kowalewski       1850-91        soh 'fee uh   kov uh lef skee
     ( Kovalevskaia, Kovalevsky) She is sometimes mistakenly identified as Sonja.

        Софья Васильевна Ковалевская

Saul Kripke

Vincent Kromarek          1876-1956      kroh mahr ek

Leopold Kronecker         1823-91      'kRoh nek uhr

Joseph Kruskal

Kuen's surface


Ernst Kummer         1810-93

kurtosis         ,kuhr 'toh suhss

Martin Wilhelm Kutta        1867-1944        'mar tin  'vil helm  'kud uh



labyrinth         'lab ih rinth

lacunary         'lak yoo ner ee     or         luh 'kyoo nuh ree

        lacunary function

Miklós Laczkovich

La Géométrie    (Descarte)         la   zhay oh may tri

Joseph-Louis Lagrange        1749-1827         luh 'grah(n)zh

Lagrangian          luh 'grahn jee uhn

Philippe de La Hire        1640-1718         fee leep   de  luh  eer

lakh          lahk

Clement Lam

lambda         'lam duh         lambda = λ (lower case) = Λ (uppercase)

Johann Heinrich Lambert         1728-77

Gabriel Lamé        1795-1870         'ga bree el   la may

La Methode     (Descarte)         la   'me tuhd


E. Landau

Lev Landau

Leon Lander

Marquis Pierre Simon de Laplace        1749-1827        mahr 'kee   pyer   see mo(n)    de  lah 'plahss

Laplacian          luh 'plahs ee uhn

Jacques Laskar          fl. 2000        zhahk  lass kahr

lateral         'lad uh ruhl

Latin square          'lat uhn   skwair

latus rectum          'lad uhs   'rek tuhm

Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier           1743-94          ,awn 'twahn    ,law 'rah(n)    ,lah ,vwahz 'yay

Henrietta Swan Leavitt        1868-1921        'lee vuht

Henri Léon Lebesgue        1875-1941        ,ah(n) 'ree   ,lay 'oh(n)    ,luh 'beg

Mr. Leblanc

John Leech

Adrien-Marie Legendre        1752-1833       ad ree 'ahn    muh 'ree    luh 'zhahn druh

R.S. Lehman

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz       1646-1716      'lyp nits    English:    'lyb nits

Abbé Georges-Henri Lemaître        1894-1966          ah bay  zhawrzh   ah(n) ree   luh metr(uh)

lemma          'lem uh

lemniscate          lem 'nis kayt

Le Monde    (Descarte)

length         le[ng]th

Arjen Lenstra

Leonardo of Pisa         1175-1230

Urbain Le Verrier

Levi ben Gershom     1288-1344       'lee vye  ben  'guhr shuhm

Tullio Levi-Civita           1873-1941      'tool yoh   'lay vee  chee 'vee tah

Guillaume François Antoine Marquis de l' Hôpital     1661-1704      gee yohm  fra(n) swah ah(n) twahn  mahr kee  duh  loh pee tal

        Also spelled   l'Hospital  Lhospital

Lho Shu

Willard Frank Libby        1908-80

Liber abaci     (Fibonacci)         'lih behr   'ah bah chee

Liber de Ludo Aleae     (Cardano)

Marius Sophus Lie         1842-99         'mah Ree uhss   'soh fuss   lee   (roll the r)

life         lyf

E. M. Lifshitz

limaçon     'lim uh sawn      French:  ,lee muh 'soh(n)

limit         'lim it

Shen Lin

Carl Louis Ferdinand von Lindemann         1852-1939         kahrl   'loo  ee   'fer dee nahnt  von  'lin duh mahn

line         lyn

linear         'lin ee uhr

Joseph Liouville         1809-82          zho zef   'lyoo ,veel

Hans Lippershey

R. Lipshitz          'lip shits

Jules Antoine Lissajous        1822-1880        zhool  ah(n) twan  lee sa 'zhoo

John Littlewood         1885-1977      'lid uhl ,wood

lituus        'lich uh wuhss

Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevski         1792-1856         nyigh kah 'ligh  'eevah nuh vich  loh buh 'chef skee
        (Lobachevsky, Lobatchewski)

local         'loh kuhl

loci          'loh sigh

locus         'loh kuhss

logarithm          'lahg uh ,rith uhm

logarithmic          'lahg uh ,rith mik

logic          'lahj ik

logical          'lahj i kuhl

logistic          law 'jis tik

longbow         lah[ng]  boh

loop          loop

Lord Kelvin

Elisha Scott Loomis

H. A. Lorentz

Edward Lorenz

Ada Lovelace    1815-52

Willian Lowndes

Edouard Lucas         1842-91          'loo kuhss

Ludolph van Ceulen     1540-1610        loo dolf  van 'k[ue] len

Ludolph's number             3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288
       (Ludolphian number, Ludolphine constant)

lune         loon

Aleksandr Mikhailovich Lyapunov    (Liapunov)      1857-1918        ah lyik 'san duhr   mee 'KHy loh vich  lyah "poo 'nof

         Lyapunov function        often pronounced by English speakers as   lee 'ap uh nahf    'fuh[ng]k shuhn


Lycabettus Hill        lik uh 'bet uhss (lye kuh 'bet uhss)   hil


Colin Maclaurin         1698-1746         muh 'klawr uhn

Percy MacMahen

magic square          'maj ik   skwair

magnitude        'mag nuh tood

Mark Mahasse

Thomas Malthus

al-Mamun        786-833      al mah 'moon
    (also al-Mamoun)

Benoit Mandelbrot

manifold          'man uh fohld

Irwin Mann

Abu Nasr Mansur        970-1036        'ah boo   nah 'seer   man 'soor

map          map

mapping          'map i[ng]

Andrei Andreevich Markov        1856-1922         'mahr ,kahf

George Marsaglia

martingale          'mahr tuhn ,gayl

Lorenzo Mascheroni      1750-80

Baron Francis Maseres        1731-1824     'fran sis   mah 'zair

mathematica          Latin: muh tay 'muh tih kuh     English: ,ma thu 'mad uh kuh  or, sometimes  'mat uh 'mad uh kuh

mathematical          ,ma thu 'mad uh kuhl

mathematics          ,math 'ma diks

maths          maths

matrices       'may truh ,seez

matrix          'may triks

Pierre-Louis Maupertuis

maxima          'mak suh muh

maximum           'mak suh muhm

James Clark Maxwill

Julius Mayer

Wayne McDaniel

mean          meen

Mécanique Analytique     (Lagrange)

median          'mee dee uhn

Meditationes     (Descartes)

Meditations Algebriae     (Waring)

mega-         'meg uh

member          'mem buhr

Mémoir sur le calcul integral     (d'Alembert)

Menaechmus         ?375-325         muh 'nek muhs

Gregor Johann Mendel        1822-84

Menelaus          ?-100 A.D.          ,men uh 'lay uhs

Pietro Mengoli         1626-86        'pyeh troh   'mehn goh lee

Karl Menger       1902-85        kahrl   'me[ng] uhr

        Menger sponge         'me[ng] uhr   spuhnj

mensuration          ,men suh 'ray shuhn

De Menura Sortis     (Descartes)

Nicolaus Mercater          1620-87         ,nee koh 'lah us   ,muhr 'kayt uhr

        was    Nikolaus Kauffman        'kowf mahn

Ralph Merkle

Marin Mersenne         1588-1648         ma ra(n)  mer sen    (a as in ask)

Franz Mertens

Mertens conjecture

metamathematics          ,med uh   ,math uh 'mad iks

La Méthode     (Descartes)

Methodus as disquirendam maximum et minimum     (Fermat)

Meton of Athens (Μέτωυ)        fl. 432 B.C.       'mee tahn   'ath uhnz

        metonic cycle        meh 'ton ik   'cy k(uh)l

Albert Michaelson

micro-          'my kroh

I. M. Milin

milli-         'mil ih

Roger Mills

John Milnor

minima         'min uh muh

minimum          'min uh muhm

Hermann Minkowski         mi[ng] kuhf skee

minuend       'min yuh ,wend

minus         'my nuhss

minute  (noun)         'min it

Mirifici logarithmorum canonis descriptio     (Napier)

Mirifici logarithmorum canonis constructio     (Napier)

Miscellanea Taurinensia

Magnus Gösta Mittag-Leffler           1846-1927         'mang nus   'y[oe]s tah   'mi tahk   'lef luhr

August Ferdinand Möbius  1790-1868 'ou gust 'feR di,n[oe]nt  'm[oe] bee us
                                                                        kind of  like mer biuss  without the "r"
                                                                             English:        'may bee uhs

modulo          'mahj uh ,loh

Mohammad Abū'l-Wafa Al-Bŭzjani     940-998       maw 'KHah mahd  ah buhl  wuh 'fah  al ,buh za jahn ee

Abraham de Moivre     1667-1754       duh 'mwah vruh

Le Monde         (Descartes)

monic          ,mah nik

Gaspard Monge         1746-1818         gah spahr   mahnzh

monomial          mah 'noh mee uhl

monotone          'mahn uh ,tohn

monotonic          ,mahn uh ,tahn ik

monotonicity          'mahn uh ,tohn 'iss ih tee

monstrous moonshine            'mon struhss   'moon shyn

Monte Carlo          'mahn tee 'kahr ,loh

Hugh Montgomery

Augustus de Morgan        1806-71        o 'gus tus   duh 'mawr guhn

Oskar Morgenstern        1907-77        o'aw .kahr   'mor guhn ,shtern        English:  'mor guhn ,stern

Bernard Morin

Eliakim Hastings Moore        1862-1932            ee 'lye uh ,kim   'hay tingz   mohr'

Edward Williams Morley         1838-1932        'ed wuhrd   'wil yuhmz   'mor lee

Marston Morse         1892-1977            'mahr stuhn   mor(uh)s

Samuel Finley Breese Morse    1791-1872          'sam myuh (we)l     'fin lee     breez     mor(uh)s

mortality         mor 'ta luh tee

Jurgen Moser

C. d. Mozzochi

mu       myoo  or moo       mu = μ (lower case) = Μ (uppercase)

Johannes (Johann)  Müller        1436-76        yoh 'hahn uhs   ('yoh han)  'm[ue]l luhr

multipicand          ,muhl tuh pli 'kand

multipication         'muhl tuh pli 'kay shuhn

multiplicative         'muhl tuh 'plik uh tiv

multiplicity          ,muhl tuh 'pliss uhd ee

myriad          'mir ee uhd


nabla          'nab luh

nano-          'na noh

John Napier         1550-1617        'nay pee uhr

Napoleon Bonaparte

nappe        nap


natural          'nach ruhl

nautilus          'naw ti luhss

negative         'neg uhd iv

neighbor          'nay ber

neighborhood          'nay ber hud

nephroid          'ne froyd

Otto Neugebauer         1899-1990         oh toh   'noy guh bow ehr

Eric Neville

Max Newman

Sir Isaac Newton         1642-1727         rhymes with Wayne Newton

Newtonian          noo 'tohn ee uhn

nibw        neh buh

Nichomachus  of Gerasa    late first century    ni koh 'mah kuhss

Nminex          en min eks

Emmy Noether        1882-1935       'em ee  'n[oe] ter
kind of  like 'ner ter  without the "r"
                              Some English speakers may pronounce her name as   'noh eh thir

nomograph         'nahm uh graf

nonillion          noh 'nil yuhn

nonlinear         'nahn ,lin ee uhr

nonorientable         ,nahn ohr ee ,ent uh buhl

nonremovable          ,nahn ree 'moov uh buhl

nontransitive            ,nahn 'trant suhd iv

notation          noh 'tay shuhn

novemdeillion          ,noh vem di 'sil yuhn

NP         en pee

Nplex          en pleks

nth          enth

nu         noo or  nyoo         nu = ν (lower case) = Ν (uppercase)

null        nuhl

number            'nuhm buhr

numeral          'noom ruhl

numerator          'noo muh ,rayd uhr

numeri absurdi

numerical          noo 'mehr ih kuhl

numeri ficti

numerology       ,noo muh 'rah luh jee


obelisk          'ahb uh ,lisk

obelus       'ahb uh luhss

oblate         ah 'blayt

oblique         oh bleek

oblivious transfer        uhb 'liv ee uhss    trans 'fer

obtuse          ahb 'tuss

octagon          'ahk tuh gahn

octagonal         ahk 'tag uh nuhl

octahedron          'ahk tuh hee druhn

octal          'ahk tuhl

octant          'ahk tuhnt

octillion         ahk 'til yuhn

octodecillion          ,ok toh di 'sil yuhn

odds          ahdz

Andrew Odlyzko

odometer         oh 'do muh tuhr                          

Hans Christion Oerstad

ogive          'oh ,jyv

George Simon Ohm         1789-1854

Wilhelm Olbers

omega         oh 'may guh         omega = ω (lower case) = Ω (uppercase)

omicron       'oh muh ,krahn             omicron = ο (lower case) = Ο (uppercase)

George Onoda

On the Sphere and the Cylinder        (Archimedes)

Jon Hendrick Oort         1900-92        ohrt

open          'oh puhn

Opera Omnia

operation         ,ahp uh 'ray shuhn

Opticks     (Newton)

optimal          'ahp tuh muhl

orbit          'ohr buht

ordered          'ohrd uhrd

ordinal          'ohrd nuhl

ordinate          'ohrd nuht

Oregon           'ohr i guhn

Nicole Oresme         1323-82          o 'rem

orientable          ,ohr ee ,en tuh buhl

origin          'ohr uh juhn

orrery          'ohr uh ree

orthocenter         ,ohr thoh 'sen tuhr

orthogonal          ohr 'thahg uhn uhl

osculating          ,ahs kyuh ,layd i[ng]

osculation          ,ahs kyuh 'lay shuhn

William Oughtred        1574-1660       'wil yuhm   'aw ,tred

Frei Otto Oulipo

outlier          'out ly er

oval            'oh vuhl

Jacque Ozanam        1640-1717       zhahk   ohz ah 'nahm


P          pee

Friar Luca Paciola       1445-1517      pah chee 'oh lee

palimpsest          'pal imp ,sehst

palindrome          'pa luhn ,drohm

pandigit         ,pan 'di juht

Seymour Pappert             1928-                'see more   'pa puhrt

Pappus of Alexandria        A.D. ?-300   'pa puhss  al eg 'zan dree uh

parabola          puh 'rab uh luh

parabolic          ,par uh ,bahl ik

paradox          'par uh ,dahks

parallax          'par uh laks

parallel         'par uh lel

parallelepiped         ,par uh lel uh 'py ped

parallelogram         ,par uh 'lel uh gram

parameter          puh 'ram uhd uhr

parametric          ,par uh 'me trik

Vilfredo Pareto         1848-1923         veel 'fray doh    pah 'ray toh

Derek Parfit

parity          'par uhd ee

Thomas Parkin

Juan Manuel Rodriguez Parrondo         1964-        '[KH]wahn   mahn 'wel   roh 'three gayth   pah Rohn doh

partial          'pahr shuhl

partition          pahr 'tish uhn

Blaise Pascal         1623-62        blez   ,pa 'skal

Étienne Pascal        1588-1651            ,ay 'tyen     ,pa 'skal 

Wolfgang Ernst Pauli         1900-58        'vawlf  ,gahng     ernst   'powlee

payoff         'pay awf

Giuseppe Peano         1858-1932        ,joo 'zep pay   pay 'ahn oh

Karl Pearson        1857-1936        kahrl  'peer suhn

pedal          'ped uhl

Benjamin Osgood Peirce         1854-1914        'ben ja min   oz good   purse

Heinz-Otto Peitgen

John Pell        1610-1685         pel

Roger Penrose         1931-

Pensées     (Pascal)

pentagon          'pen tuh gahn

pentagonal          pen 'tag uhn uhl

perigee        'pehr i jee

perigon          'per uh gahn

perihelion        per i 'heel yon

perimeter          puh 'rim uhd uhr

period          'pir ee uhd

periodicity         ,pir ee uh 'diss uhd ee

permutation          ,puhr myu 'tay shuhn

perturbation          ,puhr tuhr 'bay shuhn

peta-         'pe  tuh

phase         fayz

Phainus of Athens        fl. 432 B.C.        'fye nuhs   'ath uhns

Pherecydes of Syros  (Φερεκύδης)    c. 550 B.C.        ,fer uh 'sye deez     'sye ,rahss

        Also:  Síros        'see rohss

phi         fy       (many people say fee, which is OK too)         phi = φ (lower case) = Φ (uppercase)  See also: Golden Section

Phidias (Pheidias) (Φιδίας)        c. 490-430 B.C.6        'fid ee uhs

Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica     (Newton)

Lars Edvard Phragmén     1863-1937     lars  'ed vaird   frag 'men

phyllotaxis        ,fih luh 'tak suhs

pi         py or pee (Greek pronunciation)

    pi = π (lower case) = Π (uppercase)

    Value is approximately 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164062862089986280348253421170679

Picard          pi 'kahr

pico-          'pee koh

piecewise         'peess wyz

pigeonhole principle      'pij uhn hohl  'prin suh puhl


pint        pynt

piriform        'pihr uh form

Bartholomäus (Baratholomeo) Pitiscus     1561-1613     baR toh loh 'may uhs  (baR thoh lom 'may oh)   peh 'tis kuhs

placebo        pluh 'see ,boh

planar         'play nuhr

Max Planc

plane          playn

Plane loci      (Apollonius)

platykurtic          ,plat ih 'kur tik

Plato      429-348        'play ,toh

Platonic            pluh 'tah nik

Platonism         'play tuhn ,ih zuhm

Pliny the Elder

Plutarch         'ploo tahrk


Jules-Henri Poincaré        1854-1912        ,pwah(n) kah 'ray

Louis Poinsot        1777-1859        lwee   ,pwah(n) 'so

point          poynt

Simeon-Denis Poisson         pwah 'sohn

polar          'poh luhr

polarity          poh 'lar uhd ee

A. de Polignac

George Pólya         ,pohl yuh

polygon         'pahl ee ,gahn

polylogarithm          pahl ih 'lahg uh ,rith uhm

polynomial        ,pah luh 'noh mee uhl

Carl Pomerance

Jean Victor Poncelet         1788-1867       pons 'le

pons asinorum

Porsche        'pohr shuhIts the car.

position         puh 'zi shuhn

positional          puh 'zi shuh nuhl

positive          'pahz uhd iv

Emil Post

Charles Jean Gustave Nicolas Baron de la Vallée-Poussin         1866-1962         sharl  zhahn  goo stav   nee ko loh   'bar uhn   du luh  va lay poo sah(n)

power          'pow uhr

precision         pree 'sizh uhn

predecessor          'pred uh sess uhr


prime         prym

prime meridian         prym   muh 'rid ee uhn

primitive         'prim uhd iv

primorial         pry 'mohr ee uhl

princeps mathematicorum         'prin seps     ma teh ma tih 'koh rum

principal          'prin suh puhl

Principia        prin 'sip ee ah

Principia Mathematica     (Newton)         prin 'sip ee ah      muh tay 'muh tih kuh

    Note:  prin 'kip ee ah  is the classical Latin pronunciation, which was not used by early European scientists.

Principia Mathematica      (Russell and Whitehead)         prin 'sip ee ah      muh tay 'muh tih kuh

Principia Philosophiae     (Descatres)         prin 'sip ee ah      fi loh 'sof ih ay

principle          'prin suh puhl

prism          'priz uhm

Prix borden          pree   'bor den

probability        ,prahb uh 'bil uhd ee

product          'prahd uhkt

projection          proh 'jek shuhn

prolate          'proh layt

proof          proof

proper         'prah puhr

proportion         pruh 'pohr shuhn

proportional         pruh 'pohr shuhn uhl

propositon          ,prahp uh 'zish uhn

propositional       ,prahp uh 'zish uhn uhl

prosthaphaeresis       'pross thuh ,fair uh sis    From the Greek:   προθεσισ  and  αφαιρεσίσ

psi          sy         psi = ψ (lower case) = Ψ (uppercase)

Ptolemy        ?100-168         'tahl uh mee

Michael Idvorsky Pupin        1858-1935         'me KHah el   id 'vor ski   pyoo 'pen

pure         pyoor

pyramid         'pir ah mid

pyramidal         ,pir uh ,mid uhl

pyriform        'pihr uh form


Pythagoras of Samos        580-500        puh 'thag uh ,ruhss   'sam ohss

Pythagorean        puh thag uh 'ree ahn

The Pythagorean Proposition     (Loomis)


Q E D          kyoo   ee   dee
      quod erat demonstrandom    kwawd 'e raht day mawn 'strahn dum

quadrangle             'kwah dra[ng] guhl

quadrant          'kwah druhnt

quadratic          kwah 'dra dik

quadratrix          'kwahd ruh triks

quadrature         'kwah druh chuhr

quadric          'kwah drik

quadrillion         kwuh 'dril yuhn

quantifier          'kwahn tuh fy uhr

quantita, in quam cum multiplicetur diameter, provenient circumferentiaPhrase used for the value of pi before the Greek letter was used.
      kwahn 'tee tah  een kwahm  mul ti pli 'kay tur  di ah 'may ter
                 proh 'ven yent  keer kum fe rayn 'tee ah

quartic          'kwawr dik

quartile         'kwawr tyl

quasiperiodic        'kwa ,zy ,pir ee 'ah dik

quaternion         kwuh 'tuhr nee uhn

quattuordecillion          ,kwaht oo or di 'sil yuhn

Raymond Queneau

Lambert Adolphe Quetelet             kayt leh

queue          kyoo

quincunx            'kwin ,ku[ng]ks

quindecillion          ,kwin di 'sil yuhn

quintic             'kwin tik

quintillion             kwin 'til yuhn

quod erat demonstrandom      kwawd  'e raht  day mawn 'strahn dum

quota            'kwoh tuh

quotient            'kwoh shuhnt


Rabdologia      (Napier)

racines fausses

radian            'ray dee uhn

radical            'ra di kuhl

radius             'ray dee uhs

radix             'ray diks

Srinivasa Ramanujan        1887-1920

Frank Plampton Ramsey         1903-1930        frank   plamp tuhn   'ram zee

random            'ran duhm

Joseph Raphson         fl. 1690

ratio             'ray ,shoh

rational             'rash nuhl

rationalize             'rash nuh ,lyz

Raum, Zeit, und Materie     (Weyl)

ray           ray

real             reel

Rechnung     (Apianus)

reciprocal           ri 'sip ruh kuhl

reciprocity           'ri si 'pross  ih tee

Robert Recorde        1510-1558              re 'kord

rectangular             ,rek 'ta[ng] yuh luhr

rectifiable            'rek tuh fy uh buhl

recurring             ri 'kuhr i[ng]

recursive             ri 'kuhr siv

reductio ad absurdum        re duk tee oh   ad   ahd sur dum

reflection            ri 'flek shuhn

refraction            ri 'frak shuhn

regula falsi             'ray guh lah   'fahl si

Johannes Regiomontanus        1436-76        yoh 'hahn uhs  'ray gee oh mohn 'tahn uhs  (English: ,ree jee oh ,mon 'tay nuhs)

                This is Johann Müller     1436-76        yoh 'hahn uhs   ('yoh han)  'm[ue]l luhr

region         'ree juhn

regular           'reg yuh luhr
        regular curve            'reg yuh luhr   kuhrv

Karl Reinhardt

remainder             ri 'mayn duhr

remen            rem en

removable             ri 'moov uh buhl

rencontre            rah(n) 'kaw(n) tr        English:         ren 'kon tuhr

repeated              ri 'peed uhd


residue           're zuh ,doo

George Joachim Rheticus     1514-74      'gay ork   yoh ah KHim   'ray tee kus

Henry Rhind

rho         roh         rho = ρ (lower case) = Ρ (uppercase)

rhombus            'rahm buhss

ribbon            'ri buhn

Michelangelo Ricci       1619-82      mee kel 'ahn jay loh  'Reet chee

Jacopo Francesco Riccati         1676-1754        'yah koh poh   frahn 'chays koh   ree 'kah tee

Vincenzo Riccati         1707-75        veen  'chen tsoh    ree 'kah tee

Louis-Paul-Emile Richard

Charles F. Richter

P. H. Richter

C. J. Rieger

D. Riemann

George Friedrich Bernhard Riemann       1826-66       'ree ,mahn
     Riemann hypothesis             'ree ,mahn   hy ,pah thuh sis

right            ryt

J. Ritt

Ronald Rivest

Douglas Robertson

Gilles Personne (Personier) de Roberval        1602-75        zher   ,peR 'sohn (,peR ,soh 'nyay)   duh   ,roh ,ber 'vahl

 Abraham Robinson         1918-74       'ah brah hahm     'rob in suhn

            (birth name:  Robinsohn   'rob in sohn)

Julia Robinson        1919-85

Richard Rochberg

rodeo             'roh dee ,oh

Michel Rolle       1652-1719        ,me 'shel   rol

root             rut

rose            rohz

J. Barkley Rosser

roulette            roo 'let

round            rownd
     rounding             'rownd i[ng]

route            root

Josiah Royce        1855-1916        joh 'sye uh   royss

Christoff Rudolff

David Ruelle

Paolo Ruffini            1765-1822

Carle David Tolmé Runge        1856-1927             karl 'day vid   ?  'ru[ng] uh

Runge-Kutta method                    'ru[ng] uh    'kud uh    ,meth uhd

Bertrand Russell        1872-1970             'buhr truhnd   'ruhs uhl

Ernest Rutherford


saddle            'sa duhl

sagitta            suh 'ji duh

St. Augustine             saynt   'aw gus teen

Lee Sallows

Gregorie de Sainte Vincent         1584-1667          gray  gwar   de   sah(n)    va(n)  sah(n)

George Salmon         1819-1904          johrj    'sam uhn

Nicholas Saunderson         1682-1739          'nik uh luhs    'son duhr suhn

sexdecillion          sex di 'sil yuhn

Julius Caesar Scaliger       1484-1558     'joo lee uhs   'see zahr   'skal ih je

        Guio Cesare della Scala        'gwee loh   'chay zah ,ray   'del lah   'skah lah

scalar            'skay luhr

scalene            'skay ,leen

Scherk's surface

Wilhelm Schikard (Schickhard)         1592-1635          'wil helm   'shik hahRt

Erwin Schrödinger         1584-1667          'er win   'shr[ue] ding uhr

Manfred Schroeder            'schray duhr

Hermann Amandus Schwarz          1843-1921          'her mahn   ahm 'ahn duhs   schvahrtz

Karl Schwarzschild         1873-1916          karl   'shv[ue]rts shilt

scytale         skit 'uh lee       From the Greek: σκυτάλη

sec             secant            'see kant

secant           'see kant

sech         ,hy per ,bahl ik   'see kant

sector             'sek tuhr

sectorgram            'sek tuhr ,gram

segment             'seg muhnt

Segrè             'se gray

seked        sekt  (Should be between sekt and sekd)

semiperimeter             ,sem igh ,puh 'rim uhd uhr


septendecillion          ,sep ten di 'sil yuhn

septillion            sep 'til yuhn

seqt         sekt  (Should be between sekt and sekd)

sequence             'see kwuhns

series            'sir eez

set            set

sexagesimal            ,sek suh ,jez uh muhl

sextant             'sek stant

sextic          'sek stik

sextillion            sek 'stil yuhn

sgn            signum            'sig nuhm

Adi Shamir

William Shanks

Claude E. Shannon            'shan uhn

Harlow Shapley        1885-1972        'hahr loh   'shap lee

Lloyd Shapley

Frans van Shooten        1625-60

Martin Shubik         1926-


side         syd

Waclaw Sierpinski         1882-1969        'vahch ,lahf   suhr 'pin skee
     Sierpinski carpet        suhr 'pin skee    'kahr pet

sieve            siv

sigma          'sig muh         sigma = σ (lower case) = Σ (uppercase)

sign            syn

significant            sig 'nif i kuhnt

signum            'sig nuhm

similar            ,sim uh luhr

simple         ,sim puhl

simplex            'sim ,pleks

simply             'sim plee

Thomas Simpson        1710-61            'sim suhn

simultaneous             ,sy muhl 'tay nee uhss

Yasha Sinaï

sin(x)                    syn   ex

sine            syn

singular             'si[ng] gyuh luhr

sinh             ,hy per ,bahl ik    syn

sinusoidal         ,sy nuh 'soyd uhl

skew            skyoo

S. Skewes

Skewes' number

Thoralf Albert Skolem        1887-1963        'tohr ahlf     'ahl ,bert     'skoh ,luhm

Daniel Sleator

slide rule             'slyd  ,rool

Vest Melvin Slipher        1875-1969        'vess toh   mel vihn   'sly fuhr

slope            slohp

David Slowinski

René François de Sluze (Sluse)     1710-61            ruh nay    frahn swah   deh   sl[ue}z

Steven Smale

David Smith

Henry J. S. Smith

Willebrod von Roijen Snell

solidus        'sah  luh  duss

Ray J. Solomonoff

solstice        'sol stiss

solution            suh 'loo shuhn

Mary Somerville         1780-1872

Sopra le scoperte di dadi     (Galileo)

sphere            sfir

spherical            'sfir uh kuhl

E. Spiegal

Baruch Spinoza         1632-77        'bahr .ooKH  spuh 'noh zuh

spiral            'spy ruhl

squaring the circle         'skwer i[ng]   thuh   'sur kuhl

stadia         'stay dee uh

stadium         'stay dee uhm

stationary             'stay shuh nehr ee

statistics            stuh 'tis tiks

Jacob Steiner        1796-1863

Paul Steinhardt

Hugo Steinhaus

De Stella Nova     (Kepler)

step function             step   'fuh[ng]k shuhn

Simon Stevin         1548-1620          'see mon   'stay ven

Thomas Jan Stieltjes       1856-1894         'toh mahs yahn 'steel tyuhs

Michael Stifel (Stiefel)           c1487-1567         'mee KHah el   'shtee fuhl

James Stirling

stochastic            stoh 'kass tik

George Gabriel Stokes        1819-1903        stohks

strange attractor         'straynj  uh 'trak tuhr

strata        'stra duh

strategy             'stra duh jee

stratified        'stra duh fyd

stratify        'stra duh ,fy

stratum         'stra duhm

strophoid             'strah ,foyd

Dirk Struik

Student         'stoo dnt

Eduard Study        1862-1930         'ay doo awrt   'shtoo dee

suan pan   (also suan p'an)

subfactorial    !n         ',suhb ,fak 'tor ee uhl

subset            'suhb set

subtend            suhb 'tend

subtraction            suhb 'trak shuhn

subtrahend            'suhb truh ,hend

sum            suhm

Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportion: et Proportionalita     (Pacioli)

Karl Sundham

surd             suhrd

surface             'suhr fuhss

Gerald Sussman

James Joseph Sylvester       1814-97            sil 'ves tuhr

symmetric            suh 'me trik

symmetry             'sim uh tree


Floris Takens

talus        'tay luhss

tan      tangent           'tan jent

Chao Tang

tangent             'tan jent

tangential             tan 'jen chuhl

tanh            ,hy per ,bahl ik   'tan jent

Robert Tarjan

Alfred Tarski         1902-1983         'ahl ,fret (English: 'al fuhrd)   'tahr skee

Niccolo Fontana Tartaglia         1500-57         tahr 'tal yuh

tau         tow             (Rhymes with now, not toe)        tau = τ (lower case) = Τ (uppercase)

tautochrone           'taw  tuh krohn

tautology             taw 'tah luh jee

Tayl            tayl

Brook Taylor         1685-1731            bruk   'tay luhr

Jean Taylor

Pafnuti Luovich Tchebycheff        1821-94        'cheb ih sheff
                     (Chebyshev, Chebychev, Tchebysheff, Cebysev,  Tshebychev)

telescopic            ,tel uh ,skahp ik

telescoping             ,tel uh 'skohp i[ng]

Madame de Tencin d'Alembert's mother

tensor             'ten suhr

tera-          'tair uh

Herman J. J. te Riele

term             tuhrm

terminating             ,tuhr muh ,nayd i[ng]

ternary            'tuhr nuh ree

tetradic            te 'trad ik

tetrahedron             ,te truh 'hee druhn

tetrus            ,te 'truhss

Thales of  Miletus         c634-548        'thay leez     uhv    my 'lee tuhsz


Theano          c 6th Century BC       theh o ,naw   (Note: The ancient Greeks would have pronounced the th as t in top.)

theorem             'thir uhm

Theorie Analytique des Probabilities     (Laplace)

theory             'thir ee


theta          'thay duh

De Thiende     (Stevin)

René Thom         1923-2002         ruh nay    tawm           

Carl Johannes Thomae        1840-1921        'kahrl   yoh 'hahn uhs   toh 'mah eh  

Edwin L. Thomas

J. J. Thomson

William Thomson

thought            thawt

thujone          'thoo ,john    (long o, like Joan)

William (Bill) Paul Thurston     1946-               'wil yuhm    pawl   'thuhr stuhn

Johann Daniel Tietz  (Latin:  Titius)         1729-1796         yoh 'hahn   'dahn yel   teets  ('tish ee uhs)

tiling            'ty li[ng]

titanic             ty 'ta nik
        titanic primes             ty 'ta nik   'prymz

Johann Daniel  Titius         Latin name of  Johann Daniel Tietz

Evangelista Torricelli        1608-47               ay vahn ja 'lee stah    tohr ree 'chel lee

ton        tuhn

tonne        tuhn

torsion            'tor ,shuhn

torus            'tohr uhss

Henri-Marie-Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec-Monfa        1864-1901       oh(n) ree   mah ree  re moh(n)  deh  ,too 'looz   ,loh 'trek   moh(n) fah

trace            trayss

tractrix            'trak ,triks

Traité de Dynamique         (d'Alembert)

Traité de Mécanique Céleste         (Laplace)

Traité du Triangle Arithmétique         (Pascal)

trajectory            truh 'jek tuhree

transcendental             ,tran 'sen ,dent uhl

transfinite            trants 'fy nyt

transform            (noun)           'trants ,fohrm

transform            (verb)           tranz 'fohrm

transformation            ,trants fuhr 'may shuhn

transitive             'trant suhd iv

translation            tran 'slay shuhn

transpose            'tranz pohz

trapezoid             'trap uh zoyd

trapezoidal             ,trap uh 'zoyd uhl

traveling salesman problem

tredecillion          ,tray di 'sil yuhn

trefoil            'tre ,foyl

triangle              'try a[ng] guhl

triangulation            try ,a[ng] gyoo 'lay shuhn

trigonometric             ,trig uh nuh ,me trik

trigonometry            ,trig uh 'nahm uh tree

trihedral            try 'hee druhl

trillion             'tril yuhn

trinomial             try 'noh mee uhl

Triparty en las science des nombres    (Chuquet)

trisection            try 'sek shuhn

trit            trit

Johannes Trithemius        fl. 1510

trivial            'tri vee uhl

trochoid         'troh koyd

Troy             troy

truncate            'truh[ng] ,kayt

truncation           truh[ng] 'kay shuhn

Ehrenfried Walter von Tschirehaus  (Also Tschirhenausen)           1651-1708      'ay ruhn freet   'vawl ter  von  'chirn hous  ('chirn hou zuhn)

Tsu Ch'ang-chih        430-501

Alan Mathison Turing          1912-1954         'al uhn   'math if suhn  'tur i[ng]

            Turing Machine        'tur i[ng]     muh 'sheen

twin primes             twin   prymz


Stanislaw M. Ulam


umbilic            uhm ,bil ik

uncertainty            uhn 'sirt uhn tee

uncia             'uhn  shee  uh

            Plural:    unciae             'uhn  shee  ee

undecillion          un di 'sil yuhn

ungula             'uh[ng] gyuh luh

union            'yoon yuhn

unique            yoo 'neek

unit            'yoo nuht

unity             'yoo nuhd ee

unknot            'uhn ,naht

upsilon         'uhp suh ,lon         upsilon = υ (lower case) = Υ (uppercase)

Pavel Samuilovich Urysohn (Uryson)         1898-1924         'pah vil  sah 'moy luh vich  u 'ree zohn (u as in put)

James Ussher        1581-1656         jaymz   'uhsh uhr


Charles Jean Gustave Nicolas Baron de la Vallée-Poussin         1866-1962         sharl  zhahn  goo stav   nee ko loh   'bar uhn   du luh  va lay poo sah(n)

value             'val yoo

Ludolph van Ceulen     1540-1610        loo dolf  vahn 'k[ue] len

J. van de Lune

J. C. van der Corput

Alexandre-Théophile Vandermonde         1735-96          a lek sah(n)    tay o fel    vah(n) der mo(n)

Balthasar van der Pol

Bartel Leendert Van der Waerden        1903-96       'bar tel   'layn duhrt    vahn duhr 'vair duhn

Egbert Rudulf van Kampen     1908-42        'eg bert  'roo dulf  vahn  'kam pen

variable             'vehr ee uh buhl

variate            'vehr ee uht

variation             ,vehr ee 'ay shuhn

Oswald Veblen        1880-1960         'awz wuhld   'veb luhn

vector            'vek tuhr

John Venn         1834-1923            ven

Pierre François Verhulst

vertex             'vuhr teks

vertical             'verd uh kuhl

Pierre François Viete        1540-1603        vee 'et

vigesimal          vih 'jes (uh) muhl

vigintillion          ,vye jin 'til yuhn

Vijaganita    (Bhuskara)

Gregorie de Sainte Vincent         1584-1667         gray gwar de  sah(n) 'ta(n)   va(n) sah(n)

Leonardo da Vinci        dah 'veen chee

vinculum         'vi[ng] kyuh luhm

Ivan M. Vinogradov

virgule         'vuhr ,gyoo uhl

virtual         'vuhr chu wuhl

vis viva            wees 'wee wah

Adriaan Vlacq (Vlack)        1600-66 or 67        'ah dree ,ahn   vlahk

François Marie Arouet de Voltaire

Vito Volterra        1860-1940        'vee toh   vawl 'ter rah

volume            'vahl yuhm

Helge von Koch         'hel guh   fon   kohk

John von Neumann         1903-57        jahn  fon ,noy mahn

Karl Georg Christian von Staudt     1798-1867    kahrl  gay 'orhk  'kris tee ahn
                                                                                               fon  shtowt

R. D. von Sterneck

C. F. von Weizacker

vortex         'vohr ,teks

vortices         'vohr tuh ,seez


John Wallis         1616-1703             'wahl uhs

Francis Walsingham         c1532-1590             'fran suhs   'wol sing uhm

T. Wang

Gregory Wannier         1911-1983         'von ee ay

Pierre Laurent Wantzel        1814-48

Edward Waring         1734-98

Waukesha         waw ,kee shah

Wilhelm Weber         1804-91      'vay buhr

Daniel Webster         1782-1852

Joseph Henry Maclegan Wedderburn         1882-1948          'joh zef    'hen ri       mak 'leg an    'Wed uhr buhrn

Waloddi Weibull         1887-1979      va lod ih   'vay bul

    Weibull Distribution    Americans pronounce this wye bull

Karl Weierstrass         1815-97         'vi uhr shtrass

André Weil            1906-1998             'ah(n) dray   vayl

well-posed            'wel ,pohzd

Johann Werner            1468-1522             'yoh hahn  'ver nuhr

Caspar Wessel        1745-1818       'kahs ,pahr    'ves uhl

George Wetherill

Herman Weyl         1885-1955       vyl

The Whetstone of Witte     (Recorde)

Alfred North Whitehead              1861-1947         'hwyt hed

Hassler V. Whitney

Johan Widman             fl. 1489         ,vit mahn

Norbert Wiener        1894-1964            'vee nuhr

Kurt Wiesenfeld

Eugene Paul Wigner         1902-             'wig nuhr

Albert Wilansky

Andrew Wiles         1953-             'an droo    wylz

William of Occam   (also  Ockham)

John Wilson         1741-93

Ken Wilson

Jack Wisdom

witch            wich

Ludvig Josef Johann Wittgenstein    1889-1951  'loot vik  'yoh zef
                                                                           'vit guhn ,shtyn

Alan Wolf

Stephan Wolfram

Christopher Wren         1632-1723      'kris toh fer   ren

Wronskian             'vrahn skee uhn


x             eks
        x-axis        eks  'ak suhss
        x-coordinate         eks    koh 'ord uh nuht
        xy-plane       eks    wy    playn

xi         zy     Greek:  ksee         xi = χ (lower case) = Χ(uppercase)


y             wy
        y-axis        wy    'ak suhss
        y-coordinate        wy    koh 'ord uh nuht

Samuel D. Yates

yocto-        'yok tuh


James Yorke

yotta-        'yot uh

H. Peyton Young

Emperor Yu         c2200 B.C.

Yuki Indians


Zeno of Elea         c495-35       'zee noh

Zenodorus       c200 B.C.

zepto-        'zep toh

Ernst Friedrich Ferdinand Zermelo         1871-1953       ernst   'free driKH   'fer dee nahnt    'tser muh loh 

                                                                                                                                English: zer 'mel  oh

zero            ,zir oh
        zero-sum game           ,zir oh   ,suhm ,gaym

zeta         'zay duh

zetta-        'zet uh         zeta = ζ (lower case) = Ζ (uppercase)

Zeuxippus            zyoo ksip pus

Nikolai Yegorovich Zhukovsky         1847-1921            ,nyik uh 'lye   yi 'ger uh ,yich   zhoo 'kawf sk(uh)ih

zilch            zilch

Max August Zorn        1906-93        mahks   'ow gust   zorn

        Zorn's lemma            'zornz  'lem uh

Konrad Zuse         1910-1995       'kohn raht    'tsoo zuh