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Developed by
Andy Long
Northern Kentucky University

How does this cropper work?

CropImage can change just about any image format into a cropped jpg image. It is based on the freely available software convert, from ImageMagick, which works based on extensions (usually the final three letters following the period in a file name). E.g., to crop a tif file to a jpg file, we might issue the command

convert -crop 100x200+30+20 recent.tif recent.jpg

chops out a rectangle 100x200 (taller than wide, in pixels), displaced 30 in the x direction and 20 in the y direction, measured from the top left.

It may just be a guessing game to figure out the appropriate values of height, width, x shift, and y shift. Some browsers indicate the size of the image (if you choose the 'view image' option).

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